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School board member Brenda PaceBy the end of today’s two-hour long called school board meeting, over half of the School Board had shed tears while addressing the crowd, tears of frustration and anger.

“I’m still in semi-shock, but I am angry, I am mad, and if that’s what it’s going to take to get [the Board of Supervisors] attention then we all need to get mad. Let them look us all in the face and tell us that our kids aren’t worth it,” said school board member Brenda Pace.

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Reassessment anticipates decreased property values by 33 percent

Blue Ridge Mass Appraisal is two-thirds of the way done with the fieldwork necessary to complete Fluvanna County’s property reassessment, and the numbers do not bode well for Fluvanna. The last time a reassessment was done was in 2006, before the housing market crash. Add a comment