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Joe HinesJoseph C. “Joe” Hines has officially qualified to be on the ballot for the Jan. 10 special election for the Virginia Senate.  Hines will focus his efforts on creating jobs and greater economic opportunity throughout the district.

“We need a strong leader who will fight for us,” said Hines, who grew up on a farm in the district. “When people are worrying about paying their bills, we need to focus on creating greater opportunities for them to advance their lives and careers.  With more economic development policy to be determined in the next three years than in recent Virginia history, we have incredible opportunity to bring jobs and prosperity home to our district. I’m committed to being the independent voice this district needs to ensure long-term economic growth.”

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Nick AlgieriWhere do you live? 
I live at Lake Monticello.
Have you always lived in Fluvanna? If not, what brought you here?
No, I have not always lived in Fluvanna. I was born at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, N.Y., and lived on Long Island for my first year. My grandparents, Tim and Eileen Monahan, moved to Lake Monticello in 1990, and my parents (and then I) would come down for vacations. Just before my first birthday my dad’s company downsized and he was laid off, so my parents decided to take a chance and move to Lake Monticello. We moved the day after my first birthday, and 22 years later we are still all here.

You’ve attended Fluvanna County schools. What’s the coolest thing about being a Fluco?
I would have to say the coolest thing about being a Fluco is that our community cares so much for each other and comes together often. There are always great crowds at Friday night football games and other sporting events. I have witnessed firsthand how quick the people of our community are there for their friends in need. Just follow the Flucos’ Helping Hands page on Facebook and you will see all the good that this community does for each other on a daily basis, not expecting anything in return!

Is there a word or phrase you use too much?
I would say that one phrase I use a lot, having my own company, is “free estimates.”
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Fluvanna County Library Director Cyndi Hoffman is excited about a unique experience for children this summer at the library: two live theater performances of Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast performed by the Hampstead Stage Company, a traveling troupe of actors based in New Hampshire.

The company was named for the four founders who were originally from Hampstead, England, and realized their dream of having a theater company to engage and educate. The theater has been around since 1983 and has grown into one of the largest educational theater companies in the U.S. with 2,000 shows a year.

Through the animation of two actors who perform multiple roles and quick changes, their shows encourage reading books and plays through the magic of performing. Children are treated to original adaptations drawn from literary classics, including Frankenstein and Robin Hood as well as authors like C.S. Lewis and Charles Dickens. Fairy tales and fantasy are brought to life by actors who energize their young audience, nurturing imagination and wonder. Add a comment


Shaun Cobb, Natalie Hughes, Nathan Carney, O'nae Harris and Conner DobbinsEven though the school year is over, Fluco athletes turned out in force on May 30 for the annual year-end banquet for spring sports teams. Darren McCauley assumed the master of ceremonies duties, as Scott Morris was attending a Fluco softball play-off game. The usual format was followed, as each coach was called to the microphone to supply a brief report on how the season went and to acknowledge the team’s top performers and honorees.

The most honors were garnered by the girls’ track and field squad under the tutelage of Coach Rose Brogan. Brogan announced that her squad finished second at the Region 3A West meet.

Top performances were turned in by a host of athletes. Matasha Martin had an outstanding meet. She was the Regional champion in the long jump with a school record-tying leap of 18 feet, 1.5 inches. She also gained All-Region recognition in the 100-meter dash and the 100-meter hurdles. Add a comment


Business appreciation receptionLaunches free business tip lunches

Representatives from more than 100 businesses gathered June 5 at Cunningham Creek Winery for a relaxed evening of good food, drink and companionship.

The whole idea was to show appreciation for business owners in the county, said Jason Smith, community and economic development director.

“Although May is recognized as small business appreciation month across the country, by the time we had finalized other events, it just worked out best for all planning partners to host this year’s event in June,” Smith said.

Realtors, insurance agents, pharmacy technicians, restaurant owners, computer technicians, website designers, lawyers and more attended.

Fluvanna’s first micro-brewery, Antioch Brewing Company, was on hand to give attendees a chance to try their beer. Add a comment