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William Snow paintingThere were many surprises at the 42nd annual Fluvanna Art Association (FAA) judged show on Saturday, March 25.

Artists that one might have expected to win this year didn’t. As with all judged or juried shows in the art world, the judge decides on a winner based on criteria of what is strong and worthy of recognition. But it is still a subjective process. No two people judge the same and there are always surprises.

This year’s judge was accomplished and award-winning artist Leah Olivier, who shared her wisdom with FAA artists about their work. Olivier, an expert portrait painter, is a stickler for good anatomy of facial features, animals and figures. Olivier also studied each piece for its overall composition, color and the emotion it evoked. She admitted it was a difficult choice in the intermediate and advanced categories with so many varied pieces in style and medium, including photography and sculpture.

The show communicated to the viewer on many levels with humor, sadness, memorable moments and places, precise techniques and styles. Add a comment


Fluco soccerA light drizzle was falling on Monday evening (April 3) when the Fluco girls’ soccer team kicked off at home against Louisa High. Ten minutes into the game the drizzle turned into a steady soaking downpour that continued for over an hour. Despite the rain, which surely would have stopped a softball or baseball game, the teams played on. The field is artificial turf, so the game did not become a sloppy mud bowl.

During two 40-minute halves, both team had some chances to score, but neither team could break through. The score was 0-0 at the end of regulation time. As a result, two five-minute overtime periods were added to the game. Add a comment


A teaching momentThe annual Quick Start tennis program was held for Fluvanna County youth from Aug. 1 to Aug. 4 at the newly renovated Ashlawn tennis courts at Lake Monticello. This program is for beginning and intermediate young tennis players in the 8–12 age group. Instructor Lynn Forsyth said that there were 12 children enrolled this year. Add a comment


The Fourth of July this year was dreary and overcast with frequent periods of drizzle and some short bursts of heavy rain. Athletes at Lake Monticello were undeterred.

The annual Spirit 5K run came off on schedule at 7 a.m. Although it drizzled before the start, the runners were mostly dry during the event. The threatening weather did reduce the number of participants this year, but a substantial 164 athletes participated.


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To the casual observer driving through Fluvanna’s historic yet shabby little river community of Columbia, it may not appear that much is being done to improve conditions there. Fluvanna County Administrator Steve Nichols says just the opposite is true; progress is being made – it just can’t see be seen yet

“We are just in the preliminary phases of the process,” Nichols said, referring to the county’s plans to use grant money from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to purchase blighted properties in the flood zone and tear them down. The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) has worked with the county to obtain the grant and is assisting with the administration of it. Add a comment