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Village StationTraffic zips by Village Station, located on Rt. 15 in the heart of Palmyra.
Rumored to have been a car dealership and a restaurant in the past, more recently it has been home to a church group, Avon, and a thrift shop. However, the building’s shabby and aging appearance has made it less than appealing to those driving by.
But now Corven Flynn of Akarion Realty and other young business people with imagination see something different. They want to rebuild Village Station into a destination – not a place people drive by on their way somewhere else.

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Sharon ArgoBy day, Sharon Argo is the executive assistant to the CEO of the University of Virginia’s Investment Management Company, but by night, she lets her artistic side take over as she creates one-of-a-kind pieces.

Her inspiration came from her mother, who was a self-taught artist, and her siblings who were artistic and creative in all types of media, including ceramics and drawing.

“My mother was a closet artist,” Argo laughed. “Everything she did was on-the-job training. She even taught herself piano. She had an ear for music and picked it up quickly.”

Like her mother, Argo is self-taught, which can be a challenging and fun journey of discovery. “It took me awhile to settle on a medium I liked,” she said.


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Dittmar has needed skills
In this election season, there’s one thing many people agree on, regardless of their politics: Congress is dysfunctional. Members can’t agree. Deadlines are not met. Important business, like the budget, is stymied. Many formerly effective Congress members have given up and will not seek reelection.

A Gallup poll taken in August revealed that 88 percent of adults disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job. What has to change for Congress to function effectively? What’s a voter to do?

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet. But fortunately, voters in the 5th Congressional District have the opportunity to elect someone with the skills to resolve many of these issues.

Jane Dittmar will bring to Washington her unique skillset and years of experience bringing people together. She has served as chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, past president of the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, and founder of the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development. Dittmar has started and run many small businesses, including a travel business and an Angus beef operation, for the past 40 years. Most importantly, Dittmar is a certified mediator for the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Let’s send a bridge-builder to Washington – someone adept at compromise and collaboration. I urge you to vote for Dittmar to represent the 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Kathryn Renick
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Trevor Hammond, fishing club Bass anglers can now enjoy the sport at school.

Last year was the first for the fishing club at Fluvanna County High School, said Mark Belew, a local competitive fisherman who coaches the team. Two students competed in tournaments during the 2015-2016 school year. School Resource Officer Tim Shiflett started the team as its sponsor.

Jerry Custer sponsors the club this year. He said eight students have shown an interest in competing in the first tournament Sept. 10 on the Potomac River at Aquia Creek.

Why a fishing club?

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Jim Toms in front of Papa Jim'sSmall business goes head-to-head with county

Becoming business-friendly has been a driving goal of Fluvanna County in recent years.

Two multimillion dollar water lines and myriad business meetings have all centered around the same aim – to boost Fluvanna’s business tax revenue and make it less reliant on its disproportionately high real estate tax.

But one popular business owner is so frustrated by county government that he declared he has started the process of packing up both his business and his home to move to Louisa County.
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