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Hedy Schiller Watson and Dr. Bonnie MackeyFor most of us the alphabet is something we take for granted. We learn it, form words and communicate but never stop to think about its origins.

Dr. Bonnie Mackey has made a study of it. The alphabet is the subject of a book she co-authored with her niece, Hedy Schiller Watson. The book, titled Alphabet Books: The K-12 Educators’ Power Tool, provides an interesting perspective on a subject we seldom think about.

Mackey received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in art history from Mary Washington College, her Master of Education in educational administration from the University of Texas, and her Doctorate in philosophy, educational curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on language literacy and culture from Texas A&M University. Mackey’s passion about learning and education is evident.

This is not Mackey’s first book. She has written others as well as numerous opinions and theories on the subject. Add a comment


Kevin WardAt any level of baseball from Little League to Major League Baseball, whether the game is six innings, seven innings, or nine innings, it is very rare for a pitcher to record a perfect game. A perfect game is one in which no batter on the opposing team reaches base. No hits, no walks, no errors, no hit batters, no third strike getting past the catcher. No one makes it on base, period.

On Tuesday (April 18) Flying Fluco freshman pitcher Kevin Ward achieved this feat against the Monticello Mustangs’ varsity baseball team in a game played on the Mustangs’ field. Add a comment


Russell Jennings, Teacher of the year 2017The Fluvanna School Board meeting Wednesday (May 10) was chock full of good things – accomplished students, favorite teachers and staff and employee bonuses.

The Board voted unanimously to give a $400 bonus to all full-time employees of the 2016-17 school year who worked through May 19. Employees should expect to see the money in June.

Each building principal announced the teacher and support staff person of the year for their building.

Superintendent Chuck Winkler then announced who among them got the award for the whole district. Add a comment


Golf courseThe prestigious Faulconer Invitational Golf Tournament, which attracts the top amateur golfers in Central Virginia, will be held this weekend (May 13-14) at the Lake Monticello Golf Course.

Lake Monticello Golf Pro Mark Marshall said that tournament has a waiting list this year. There are 93 golfers signed up to play. This tournament sends players out in groups of three in order to increase the pace of play, so there will be 31 threesomes teeing off each day.

The tournament has three divisions. The regular men’s division has a field of 36 golfers. The seniors’ division has a field of 30, and the super-seniors’ division has a field of 27.

The regular men’s division is what the Faulconer tournament is all about. This tournament is part of the competition for the Battle Trophy. The Battle Trophy is awarded each year by the Daily Progress to the amateur golfer who has the best combined record in a series of top level tournaments played in and around Charlottesville each season. The Faulconer tournament is also an element of the Virginia State Golf Association’s (VSGA) rankings. Marshall said he believes this is a contributing factor in a number of young golfers from the Richmond area participating in the men’s division this year. Add a comment


Think twice before you light up a cigarette the next time you drive.

Virginia is cracking down on smoking in a motor vehicle with young children around. As of July 1 it will be against the law to smoke in a vehicle, whether moving or at rest, if a child under age 8 is in the vehicle.

Breaking this law will be deemed a secondary offense, “which means we cannot initiate a traffic stop or take enforcement action unless there is some other criminal violation,” said Lt. Dave Wells of the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Office.

The offense will be enforced much like seat belt violations, Wells said. “If a driver is stopped for another offense and they are smoking with a person younger than 8 in the vehicle, they can be ticketed,” he said. “The burden is on us to prove that the child is less than 8 years of age.”

Breaking the law will result in a civil penalty punished by a $100 fine which will be paid into the state treasury and credited to the Literary Fund, according to Virginia code.

People breaking the law will not be arrested but may receive a ticket, Wells said.

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