Fluvanna Review

Frances HillFrancis Hill, 92, sat outside on her swing waiting for me to arrive.

She is bright and full of life. In spite of having to use a cane because she can’t trust her left knee not to give out, she looks far younger than her age. She and her husband live with their grandson in Bremo Bluff.

How long have you lived in Fluvanna?
All my life. I was born here. I started school at [age] 7. West Bottom. I had to walk three miles every day rain or shine. My grandma wouldn’t let me stay at home. My grandma raised me. I never knew my mother. She died when I was a baby. My father’s mother raised me. My father’s name is George Armstrong. My mother’s name was Margaret.

Tell me about your family.
I had 11 children; six boys and five girls…I didn’t go to the hospital for any of them. Miss Murry Scott was my midwife. My husband, Bennie Hill, Sr., worked at Farmington Country Club. I don’t know what he did there. At one time I think he worked construction. My kids live all over. Some in New Jersey. Some in Atlanta.  One lives in Short Pump.
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Fund raiser for libraryIt was the brainchild of Mona Orange and Martha Horsfall. While swimming laps in the pool at Health Nutz one day, Horsfall and Orange exchanged ideas about the annual event for members of the Friends of the Library.

“I suggested we have a thrift shop fashion show,” said Orange. “Martha and I laughed and kept laughing until we realized it was a pretty good idea.” They brought it up to the committee and everyone jumped on board.

The idea was to get at least 10 models to show off outfits, including accessories, they purchased from area thrift shops, yard or estate sales. It developed into a practical showcase for recycling and frugality. The Salvation Army may not be Saks Fifth Avenue, but with a little creativity and some savvy fashion know-how, no one would know the difference.

They gathered 18 willing models who went out shopping for various types of clothing ensembles for men, women, children and teens. No one was able to tell the difference between the store-bought items and those that were secondhand. All the clothing was well-coordinated and looked brand new.

Some purchased clothing items sit in the back of the closet and never sees the light of day, or may be worn only once before being consigned or donated. Most of the clothing is in good condition and in some cases may be brand new. Thrift shopping is a great way to find designer labels, as some of the models discovered.

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School busAll Fluvanna County school buses are now compliant with a safety standard that requires buses manufactured after a certain date to have an additional parking brake feature.

School buses with automatic transmissions do not have a park setting. In order to park, a bus driver puts the vehicle in neutral then engages the parking brake. But if the parking brake were to become accidentally disengaged – say, by someone tripping and falling against it – the bus could begin to roll.

“The issue was discovered when the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) transportation person was out in the field and was doing spot tests,” said Julie Grimes, VDOE communications manager.

A safety device called a brake interlock prevents this possibility. “On buses equipped with a brake interlock, it is not possible to release the parking brake without first depressing the brake pedal,” according to VDOE. Add a comment


GolfersOn Wednesday (Aug. 9), the Flying Flucos golf team played host to the Jefferson District’s season-opening 18-hole tournament. Six-player teams arrived for an 11 a.m. start from Albemarle High, Monticello High, Louisa County High, Charlottesville, Orange County and Western Albemarle. Powhatan High did not participate. The tournament was played over the lush Lake Monticello course. The course has been kept in outstanding shape by Jim Prucnal and his Billy Casper golf crew, despite some very hot, dry weather.

The tournament was not played with a shotgun start, so all players teed off on hole number one and finished on the 18th. This made the tournament a long endeavor, with the final foursome coming home at around 6:30 p.m. Most of the teams were all boys, but two teams, including the Flucos, had two girls competing in their top six. Add a comment


EclipseThe path of the Great American Solar Eclipse that takes place Monday (Aug. 21) misses Virginia. But Fluvanna residents who have chosen not to travel to see it will still be in for a show.

Although people in Fluvanna will not be able to see totality – the fleeting minutes during which the moon completely covers the face of the sun – they will witness a partial solar eclipse.

By coincidence or design, the apparent size of the sun and moon are nearly identical when seen from the earth. Though the sun’s diameter is 400 times bigger than the moon’s, its extreme distance from the earth – 93 million miles compared to 239,000 miles from the earth to the moon – makes it appear almost exactly the same size as the moon in the sky.

This phenomenon makes it possible for Earthlings to witness what is rightly called one of nature’s most spectacular displays: a solar eclipse. Add a comment