“Who wants to understand the poem
Must go to the land of poetry:
Who wants to understand the poet
Must go to the poet’s land.”
– West-Ostlicher Diwan

The poets brought their land to the Friends of the Library meeting on April 6  to read us some of their poems and tell us something about themselves. The three poets were Linda Levokove, Elizabeth Solomon and Lynn Young. They are all award winning published poets with impressive resumes.



Solomon read from her book “The Steering Wheel Poem.” She calls them that because she often gets her inspiration for a poem while driving and she jots the first two lines on the steering wheel and then stops on a farm lane or parking lot and finishes the rest of the poem. She writes poems at the rate of one or two a day! Many of her poems deal with the beauty of nature. She finds inspiration in bucolic settings or the wings of a hawk in flight. She also writes protest poems such as the one she wrote protesting the light reprimand given those responsible for the oil spill on the Gulf coast. She also wrote one protesting the destruction of beautiful woods to make room for development. She states that the world is indeed a poem. Poetry is inside of me, all around me – truly an inspiration from God. Based on the poetry she read they are truly inspired.

Lauvonda Lynn Meade Young read from her book “Just a Woman.” Her poetry is very nostalgic. She comes from southwest Virginia and her poems capture her roots in that area. She describes her grandmother’s home in one poem and her late father in another. One poem deals with childhood memories of Virginia Beach she used to vacation there with her family.  She states that she writes poetry because it is manna for her soul. As a young girl she loved books. She used to save her lunch money to buy books as there was not a public library in the small town where she lived. She is currently working on a family cookbook and family history. She has plans for two children’s books.

The last speaker was Linda Levokove. She read excerpts from her book “Walk on the Heart Side.” Many of her poems deal with the beach as well as being romantic memoirs. She came to this area from New York by way of Florida. Her degrees are in art, interior design and psychology. She said that never in her wildest imaginings did she ever think she would write poetry. When she relocated to this area she joined a poetry critique group and began writing two or three poems a week. She received incredible support and encouragement from the group. She told us a story about how she attended a writer’s group in Florida. It was in a library and a homeless man came in to use the restroom. He wandered into the writer’s group and recited a poem he had written. She said it was so beautiful and this was what inspired her to begin writing poetry.

All three poets agreed that any aspiring writer should be an avid reader. This is good advice and is one of the aims of our library to foster reading through our many programs. We wish to express our appreciation to our visiting poets and wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. Also one our visitors was author Sarah Honenberger who has addressed our group in the past. Remember that she told us about her first published novel “White Lies”. She has just published her latest novel “Catcher Caught” and we wish her the best of luck also.

In other business it was announced that we had 62 new members which brings our membership to a total of 257 members.

Friends President Linda Waller announced that she had talked to local teachers to ascertain their needs. They responded that they would like more books for the students to read. The Friends have set aside $2,000 to purchase books for the schools.
Our librarian Cyndi Hoffman announced that the theme for the summer reading program will be ‘One World, Many Stories and You Are Here’. The program will feature 300 crafts and volunteers are needed to help with them. Also featured will be a new Adult Reading Program. Another new item will be chess lessons for kids ages 8 -14. They will be conducted by the Fluvanna Knights Chess Club. Of course the library continues to show free movies every first and third Friday. There is also free popcorn. So come out and bring the family.

For more information on these and other events you can call the library at 589-1400 or visit their website at www.fcplva.org.

Our next meeting will be on 4 May and the featured speaker is Master Gardener Irene Burke. Also don’t forget that in June we will have our annual staff appreciation brunch.

See you at the library.