The job offer came the same day the news broke that the Fluvanna County School Board voted to cut school funding by more than $2 million.
That made the difficult decision to move a little easier.

Still, it’s hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful place that’s been our home for 10 years. Route 53, with all its curves and hills, intimidated me when we first arrived here from Northern Virginia. Now, cruising past Jefferson Vineyards and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello relaxes me and brings back fond memories. Changing my radio stations in the car will be rough: listening to NPR and my radio friends at 3WV, The Corner, Lite Rock Z95 and News Radio 1070 WINA made my commute enlightening and entertaining.

The Lake Monticello dam is a runner’s dream – and this runner sometimes dreams about it. The recent triathlon at Lake Monticello gave me an opportunity to ride around Fluvanna and admire the lush, green landscape dotted with friendly people waving from their front porches. And what’s not to love about a county that boasts only one traffic light?

But who knows: Given the current market conditions in our area, it might take another decade to sell our house. If that means a series of farewell parties with our friends, so be it.

We’ll miss our family here, the Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team, Fire & Rescue Squad, whom we shamelessly love more than some of our blood relatives. They are always there for us –and for this county.

The thought of saying goodbye to my church family at Lake Christian Church gives me a lump in my throat. Until I went to the Worship Dome, or as my family calls it, The Chocolate Truffle, I had never felt connected to a congregation.

Summers won’t be the same without the Fork Union Drive–In, afternoons at the Main Beach, the 25–cent ice pops from the snack bar at the pool, and the swim team meets with Cos. We wish that Son could keep playing for his gifted football coaches, Scott and LeRon, and that Daughter could keep dancing ballet with the talented Ms. Michelle.

Shopping and running errands used to be a drag until I moved to Lake Monticello. Living here, I look forward to seeing our local shopkeepers and their staff: John and Marty at the video store, Rebecca, Kim and Holly at Good Neighbor, Jacqui, Kim, Melissa and Heather at Salon DeShano, Walter and Alison at Villa Nova’s (if only I could order their killer garlic knots across state lines), Theresa and her boys at the bakery, Renny at Do It Best, Wayne and Joe at Health Nutz … the list goes on.

We’ll miss the Fourth of July celebrations at the Lake but not the dues and deer debate. We’ll miss Mrs. Marsh, the bus driver, some of the county teachers and staff but not the school system. We’ll miss Central’s Stars and Stripes fundraiser that pits parents against the teachers but not being one of the six or so people who show up at PTO meetings.

We may return for Fluvanna’s annual Old Farm Day but hopefully we’re leaving behind forever Aqua Virginia’s high water bills.

We’ll miss seeing Sherriff Washington’s smile, Mr. Ben walking his wife’s dogs, and our neighbors across the street. We won’t miss the stench from the sewage treatment plant, the sound of gunfire near our subdivision, or the Lake Monticello gates.

I’ll miss all the friends I made through the Troy Mom’s Club, a.k.a. Helping Other Moms Everyday (H.O.M.E.) Club. What an incredible group of strong women: They’ve become leaders in our schools and churches, launched successful blogs and businesses, obtained degrees, traveled across the world, competed in challenging races, raised funds for charities, and pursued new career opportunities with passion. All of them continue to balance family and work demands while raising good, healthy kids who haven’t appeared in court or on milk cartons.

No matter what happens, I’ll be running back to see my running buddy, Mary Pat, co–founder of Cleats for Kids, who’s making her non–profit dream come true.

I’ll miss writing for this paper and the staff; I feel fortunate to have been a part of this award–winning publication. I won’t stop reading the Fluvanna Review once I leave – the website will always be bookmarked on my computer.

Like the Fluvanna Review tagline says, It’s About the People You Know. There are amazing people in this county whom we’ve gotten to know and will miss. I’m proud of my Fluvanna past and am confident in future reunions and visits.

Jennifer Zajac has been the humor columnist with the Fluvanna Review for more than five years. She is relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina for a new position with Duke Energy. She can be reached at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We’ll miss her.