Joe HinesJoseph C. “Joe” Hines has officially qualified to be on the ballot for the Jan. 10 special election for the Virginia Senate.  Hines will focus his efforts on creating jobs and greater economic opportunity throughout the district.

“We need a strong leader who will fight for us,” said Hines, who grew up on a farm in the district. “When people are worrying about paying their bills, we need to focus on creating greater opportunities for them to advance their lives and careers.  With more economic development policy to be determined in the next three years than in recent Virginia history, we have incredible opportunity to bring jobs and prosperity home to our district. I’m committed to being the independent voice this district needs to ensure long-term economic growth.”

To get on the ballot as an independent candidate, Hines’ team needed to obtain 250 signatures from qualified voters in the 22nd District. The team acquired over 700 signatures from voters in all nine district localities in a matter of days and turned in a total of 73 petitions with 606 signatures on Monday, Dec. 5.

“The 22nd District is primed for incredible economic opportunity,” Hines said. “As an engineer and economic developer, I have seen projects vital to the welfare of our communities come to a halt due to excessive regulations and extensive permitting timelines.  As state senator, I will cut bureaucratic red tape, oppose unfunded mandates and put my extensive business and economic development experience to work every day to promote our businesses and resources. School funding, public safety, last mile broadband internet access and districtwide cell phone coverage will all be a priority.”
As an independent conservative, Hines is committed to putting the district first. “I will never place party loyalty over people nor vote against the interests of the district because party leadership tells me to,” Hines said.