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The 22nd Senate District vote crowned Republican Mark Peake of Lynchburg the winner, but former Fluvanna Sheriff Ryant Washington gave him a run for his money in Fluvanna.

Washington squeaked out a victory among Fluvanna voters, beating Peake by just 78 votes. One hundred voted for Independent Joe Hines of Prince Edward County.

In an email statement, Washington said, “I want to thank everyone who came out and supported my campaign today and in the weeks leading up to today. I am humbled at the outpouring of support, and have been from day one. Of course, this is not the result I had hoped for, but I do congratulate Mark Peake and Joe Hines for their hard-fought campaigns and I wish Mark luck and success as he heads to Richmond to represent the 22nd District.”

The three candidates had little time to campaign. The parties chose their candidates on Dec. 3 and the special vote was held Jan. 10.

“We ran a great campaign in 30 days,” Washington said.  “The people of Fluvanna have now voted for me five times and I am thankful for your continued confidence and support.”

Fluvanna has 17,076 active voters, according to the Virginia Department of Elections website.  A total of 4,813 votes were cast in Fluvanna in the special election. That means about 28.2 percent of active voters chose to cast a ballot.

The Virginia Access Project estimates 15 percent of voters come out for Virginia special elections as opposed to the 72 percent the Virginia Department of Elections said voted in the 2016 presidential election.

Weather could have been a factor in voter turnout, as side roads were still icy after the weekend snow storm and frigid temperatures. In fact, Fluvanna schools called a snow day on Jan. 10.

On the right are the precinct breakdowns of how Fluvanna voted. The information comes from the Virginia Department of Elections website.