Serve veterans
I was heartened to see a recent letter from a fellow veteran imploring citizens to contact senators and congressmen regarding veterans’ affairs. I heard no such call to arms during the last eight years of the Obama administration. No outrage when Obama stated that the military, therefore veterans, were volunteers and so should pay their own medical expenses. No whining about Mrs. Clinton and her husband Bill’s stating their “loathing for the military” or John Kerry accusing us of being “reminiscent of the hordes of Genghis Khan.” That attitude projected itself blatantly in the mismanagement, callous and criminal behavior of the administrators of the VA. Non-treatment, desperation and suicides abounded, not to mention veterans dismissed to wallow in their own despair in VA parking lots. There were scarce back page reports but never a reckoning.

Analogous to the Department of Education, I doubt hiring more administrators, clerks, lawyers, psychologists and food services personnel will rectify the dilemma. A careful assessment of the present situation, removal of embedded derelict bureaucrats feathering their nest, and bringing in people with the culture and dedication to serve the veteran is in order. I have faith that funds needed to accomplish that mission will be allocated.

The military and veterans overwhelmingly supported President Trump for just those reasons. For sure, I did.

Rich Mullin
Lake Monticello

Thanks for spotlighting school volunteers
I am a recent graduate of Fluvanna County High School and current sophomore at James Madison University. I was reading [last week’s] article about people volunteering throughout our school system and was intrigued by the $58,000 that is brought in from people simply volunteering. I think it is a great thing for our school system and our society because it brings this tight-knit community even closer!

This was a great read for me because of the passion these volunteers and Lissa Gooch have placed in our system. It means everything to the parents and kids that they have people who are willing to pour themselves into such a meaningful cause! Being able to give these kids field trips or opportunities for them to grow themselves is crucial for them as they grow up through grade school.

I took interest in this article particularly because I have been given the chance to grow up in a community that offers these things, but I have also been in communities that don’t do this and I can tell the effects it has on the communities and the children as well! Thank you for publishing this article and to Ruthann Carr for writing this piece!

Hunter Deforge