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Lake votes for new pool
Each household to be charged $100 extra

Voters overwhelmingly approved a funding plan for a new community pool at the Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (LMOA) 45th Annual Meeting on Saturday (June 24).

Election Committee Chairperson Gladys Albright reported the proposal had received 879 “yes” votes and 394 “no” votes out of a total of 1,273 ballots cast.

The approval means all Lake Monticello households will be required to pay a one-time assessment of $100 toward the pool building fund before December 31, 2017. The LMOA Board of Directors is also granted authority to take up $436,000 out of the Emergency Reserve Account. 

"Here we go: R&R two," joked Director Rich Barringer.

Barringer, Treasurer Marlene Weaver, and General Manager Catherine Neelley all highlighted the successful completion of the $7 million renovation and replacement (R&R) project in their reports to the membership.

"I will admit, it is wonderful," Barringer said of the new Fairway and Ashlawn Clubhouses. "Word is out that we are serious about maintaining our community.”

Weaver reported that the massive project came in at "pretty close to a net-zero cost, and we're pretty proud about that." She especially praised Contracts Manager Angie Cooke and Finance Director Dabney Wellford for their work in keeping the project within budget.

She told the audience that reserve funds were in "good shape" and the Board had received a clean audit report in the spring. 

At the same time, Weaver noted that an annual 3 percent dues increase was "probably necessary" to keep up with expenses and that expenditures were still slightly higher than revenue for amenities. 

Currently Lake Monticello residents pay annual dues of $971.88, which includes a $160 improved property fee that covers trash disposal and storm clean-up.

"Two years ago, we embarked on a journey" to create facilities "as modern and dynamic as our community," said Neelley in her remarks.

She cited several improvements, including the fisheries program, expanded marina hours, resurfacing the Ashlawn courts, playground refurbishment, and the new walking trails at the old campground. 

She also said the pub at the Fairway Clubhouse would be opening within a few weeks.

While all three were running unopposed for new three-year terms, Directors Bing Spitler, Tom Braithwaite, and Barringer received plaques for the completion of their current terms. 

With that out of the way, the Election Committee reported that the three had been re-elected: Spitler with 1,011 votes, Barringer with 1,038, and Braithwaite with 1,068.

The next annual meeting is set for June 30, 2018.