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The Fluvanna Review, like all newspapers, tries to keep its readership informed. We write stories about what our supervisors or School Board members are doing. We write about crime and accidents and about artists and heroes. We run obituaries, photos, letters from readers, and high school sports. We try to reflect the life of the county each week.

We are a free newspaper so our revenue comes solely from advertisement. With that revenue, we pay our hard-working staff and freelance reporters, printing costs for over 6,000 papers, distribution costs and all the other bills that come from running a small Fluvanna County business.

As the economics of running a newspaper become more difficult, we’ve had to change our policy on accepting free submissions. We will run a 50-word submission for events for free under our community events calendar. All other non-news submissions need to be run as ads. The editor, of course, determines what is news.

Some people, at times, seem disappointed at us for not running items for free, often noting that the articles are for a good cause or that their organization is a non-profit. We have always offered a discount in advertising for non-profits in the county, and will continue to do so as long as we can. We wish we could do more, but, like the local hardware store or restaurant, we must charge for our services to stay viable.  We hope you understand.