Football may be the fall sport that attracts the most attention, but it is not the only sport that athletes compete in very seriously from August until November. The Flying Flucos of Fluvanna County High School field teams in volleyball (girls only), cross county (boys and girls), golf (mostly boys, but girls have been on the team) and competition cheer (girls only).

The Fluco volleyball team under Coach Christi Harlowe-Garrett has a history of success. Several Fluco volleyball players have gone on to play at the college level.  Last season was a bit of an off year as the team came in at 12-12, but the team’s games are always fast-moving and enjoyable to watch.

High school volleyball is now played with a point scored on every serve and the serve changing sides whenever the serving team loses the point. Games are played to 25 points, win by two, and a match is played until one team wins three games. If the first four games are split, necessitating a fifth game, that final contest is played to 15 points, win by two.

The volleyball season opens Aug. 12 with a match against Rockbridge High School. The Flucos’ first home match is Aug. 17 against Waynesboro High. On Aug. 22 the Flucos travel to Broadway High. On Sept. 5 they start a strenuous run of competitions against the schools that make up what has always been known as the Jefferson District. In September they play Monticello High, Albemarle High, Louisa County High, Orange County High, Charlottesville High and Powhatan High in that order.

Cross country is also a sport in which the Flucos have had some continuing success. The girls’ team under Coach Rose Brogan usually boasts a host of runners. Brogan said that returning from the top seven last year are seniors Saige Haney and Niva Hoffman, junior Brianna Parker and sophomores Shae Jonkman, Hattie Lintecum and McKenzie Morris. Last year the team finished fourth in the Conference and sent two runners to the State meet.      Tom Casto has coached the boys’ team for a number of years and he too has had some top flight runners. ”This season we have 13 varsity boys,” said Casto. “Top returners from last year are Jack Rice, Jason Boyle, John Bossong and Conrad Graham. Upcoming talent moving into their freshman year are Ben Lopez, Jacob Collier and Billy Ruffa, All three of these young men had a solid season last year as middle school runners. In addition to these young men we have several new runners that should add to the depth of the team. We hope to have an injury-free season and are looking forward to working with all these young athletes.”

Cross country is a mix of team and individual competition. If a team runs strongly, it can qualify for the Regional and the State competitions. Depth is important for a team to reach this goal, as just having one or two top runners will not be enough for the team to qualify. However, individual runners can qualify with outstanding times, even if their team is not strong.

The cross country team hosts meets on a course at Pleasant Grove, the Fluvanna County park that is adjacent to the high school. The District competition is scheduled for the Pleasant Grove course in October, but the schedule on the school’s website shows only two other meets at home, one Aug. 23 against Goochland High, and one Sept. 6 against Monticello High. Other meets are scheduled at Panorama Farms in Albemarle, at Orange County, at Woodberry Forest and at Fork Union Military Academy.

The golf team has to get its season in early due to the early darkness that sets in once the country goes off daylight savings time. While cross country can be run in the dusk, dusk is not so good for golf. On Aug. 8 the Fluco golf team hosted a District match on the Lake Monticello course. Through Aug. 16-31 the golfers under Coach Bryan Searcy will host Charlottesville and Monticello High and travel to Louisa High and William Monroe High.

Like cross country, golf is a team and an individual sport. Team competitions require depth, as the top four scores are usually added together to determine the winning team. However, when it comes to post-season competition, top individual players can qualify for Regional and State competition based on their individual scores during the season. Last season the Fluco golf team sent one athlete to the State meet.

Cheerleading during the fall season involves both sideline cheer at football games and competition cheering in indoor events. Coach Julia Hogue has traditionally fielded solidly competitive competition squads and some very athletic sideline teams to entertain the Fluco fans at the home football games. Last season four Fluco cheer athletes were named to the All-Conference squad.