We can’t go backwards
Several years ago, the schools were blindsided by a last-minute decision by the Board of Supervisors, led by Chairman Shaun Kenney, to cut $2.3 million from the school budget. As a result, we saw two primary schools close. Threats were made to not open the new high school. We saw class sizes increase. Classes were eliminated. Staff healthcare costs increased. Teachers were forced to work for free via furlough days. People pulled their children from our schools. Some people physically moved out of the county as Fluvanna became known as a community that didn’t value public education.

Here we are, five years later, with two School Board candidates echoing some of the same catchphrases used by the previous chairman of the Board of Supervisors. In fact, according to vpap.org, Mr. Kenney has generously donated money to these two candidates.

The amazing school staff has done a phenomenal job of recovering from the budget fiasco of 2012. We must make sure that we don’t return to that place where political ambition is put above the well-being of our community. Rivanna residents need to elect Shirley Stewart to the School Board. Columbia residents need to fill in the write in bubble and write in “Linda Staiger” to the School Board. Stewart and Staiger are the best candidates to ensure we don’t take a giant leap backwards.

Kerry Murphy-Hammond

Rob Bell protected children from predators
I am writing as an Independent, a parent and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who supports Delegate Rob Bell. I was abused as a child by a sports coach and came forward three decades later to try and protect our children from the predator who abused me. My court battle took more than seven years to win due to a loophole in the law. Thankfully, I was successful in protecting our children from this one pedophile. Not only should it not have taken so long, but there were more predators like mine in our Commonwealth.

Many people told me to contact Rob Bell. When I did, he invited me to his office. Delegate Bell knew the ins and outs of what needed to be done from a legislative perspective to turn my concept into a reality. My goal of protecting Virginia’s children from predators became his goal.

Sometimes new legislation doesn’t pass the first year and mine didn’t. I was pretty down and wanted to quit. At my lowest point, I received an email from Delegate Bell. He told me to keep my chin up and to keep fighting because he would be right there fighting with me.

The following year Delegate Bell was my pillar of strength as I testified in Richmond again. I watched him fight for my legislation and for our children all through subcommittee, full committee and the three needed votes to pass the bill out of the House. I watched him fight for the Senate’s version of the legislation, too.

The law Delegate Bell helped me pass (HB 1353 2015) exposed 5,604 convicted pedophiles whose convictions slipped through the cracks. Without this legislation, your neighbor could be a convicted pedophile and not show up on the sex offender registry. Delegate Bell fixed that. The 58th District has an amazing opportunity to re-elect Rob Bell who will continue to fight to protect our children and help people like me know that, when we come forward, people will believe us.

Rob Buswell A partisan lament
Many of you who know me are aware that this is the time of year when I’m allowing my beard to grow a bit longer in preparation for putting on the red suit to do my thing, as I voice, “‘Tis the season to be jolly.” However, as we have Election Day approaching, I think we should change that lyric to “‘Tis the season for partisan folly.”

I saw a phrase on a political ad the other day in the Fluvanna Review that said the candidate would “reduce the tax rate without reducing services.” Seems to me to be an oxymoron. This argument which particularly comes from one side of the aisle has become so stale in promising people that we’ll reduce taxes but continue to give you the same or better services.

Certainly I do believe that our representatives must be prudent and attentive in the spending of our tax dollars, but I also realize that if I, as a citizen, want services to be provided by my local government, I should expect to have to pay for them. And I also realize that if our society is to progress, then we have to make an investment to make that happen. I’ve seen a phrase that “freedom isn’t free” and often wonder why people object so to having to pay for it. All of this has created an extreme partisan divide in this nation that I’m afraid is close to being unrepairable.

We need to start demanding that our representatives begin working together in a spirit of compromise (an idea that is almost non-existent in our federal government) to address the many needs of our nation. Another phrase I saw in the Review was “people before party.” I like that one much better. Be sure to vote on Election Day.

Joe Shaver
Lake Monticello

Stewart is an experienced champion for students
Being a School Board member is a very demanding position with many responsibilities. One very important job is developing and implementing curriculum as listed in the instructional goals and objectives. Before a curriculum is implemented, there is a long process of seeking out the best practices that not only challenge all students, but nourish them as well. Effective teacher training is another important component. Constant evaluation of what is being taught and how it is being taught is a continuing process.

Shirley Stewart is running for Fluvanna County School Board in the Rivanna District. If elected, she certainly will not need a great deal of on-the-job training for this position. Having devoted 32 years of her life to educational endeavors, she is very cognizant of what her responsibilities will be. She will certainly be able to hit the ground running. Her experiences as a teacher, principal, and student teacher supervisor have made her an expert in curriculum — its goals, implementation, and how it affects teachers, students, and parents. Ms. Stewart has the experience to make sensible, research-based decisions (she has a master’s degree from Harvard University) on the development and implementation of curriculum.  On the other hand, she likes to think outside the box as indicated by her creation of PAWS for Reading, which brought therapy dogs and their owners together with young readers, and a farm-to-school program which helped students connect with the source of their food and farmers to find a new market.

Fluvanna students need and deserve the best possible educational experience for successful futures. Shirley Stewart, if elected to the Rivanna District seat on the School Board Nov. 7, will be an experienced champion for the students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers of Fluvanna County.

Karen Kabat
Lake Monticello

Staiger is Columbia’s best choice
A School Board needs members who have an open mind and are willing to learn, who have the educational background and problem-solving skills to process information and ask critical questions, who have integrity and compassion, and above all, who can place the welfare and education of the children in our county above personal interests and politics. Linda Staiger is by far the best candidate that the Columbia District has the opportunity to elect as their School Board representative on all these points.

Consider: Staiger is currently a member of the Fluvanna Leadership Development Program, which is dedicated to preparing informed Fluvanna citizens. In the course of her campaign she has met many of the county and school officials and acquired the knowledge about which any candidate should be well informed before taking office. She has regularly attended School Board meetings and seminars and has viewed first-hand the Fluvanna School Board’s focus on our children and how best we can prepare them for their future. Staiger, a Fluvanna native and a graduate of our schools, understands the need for a solid educational foundation from her own hard work to become first a physician and then an orthopedic surgeon. She will be a fine advocate for the continued development of the career and technical education classes in Fluvanna’s curriculum. Devoting oneself to the welfare of others is a character trait that has been a part of Staiger for her entire adult life, and now she hopes to continue to do so on behalf of our Fluvanna students.

Columbia has a great opportunity to place someone on the School Board who will serve with compassion, intelligence and integrity. I strongly encourage all Columbia voters to go to the polls on Nov. 7 and write in Linda Staiger for their candidate for School Board.

Carol Tracy Carr
Fluvanna School Board chair

Staiger will move Fluvanna forward
I have known Dr. Linda Staiger since she was a Fluvanna County High School student in the 1960s.

Linda will make an excellent School Board member representing the Columbia District. She is a retired orthopedic surgeon and medical school professor. She is a meticulous person who has studied the Fluvanna County Public Schools the way she studied anatomy before taking up the scalpel.

Today, we focus a lot on how to improve the teaching of science. Who is better to help us with these questions than a 1966 Fluvanna County High School graduate who is a retired surgeon and medical school professor?
Since 1870, Fluvanna has had unusually good rural public schools. We need people like Linda, who are determined to make those schools even better.

Her opponent worries me. Because Linda moved from one house on the Staiger farm to another house on the farm, he decided she didn’t live in the Columbia District. Most Fluvannians would have asked their neighbors where Dr. Staiger lived. Instead, he requested an unnecessary state police investigation. After his neighbors and the state police told him that she still lives on the farm, he still did not apologize.

We need School Board members who care about educating children, not frivolous investigations.

Many have wondered who is advising Linda’s opponent. His biggest campaign donor is Shaun Kenney, who has done an enormous amount of harm to Fluvanna schools. As a member of the Board of Supervisors, he planned and voted for a $2.3 million cut to the school budget. Even today, our teachers have lower pay and benefits because of Shaun Kenney.

We need to move forward, not backward. Our children deserve a strong School Board. I encourage the voters of Columbia District to write in Linda Staiger for School Board member.

Overton McGehee

Virginians should speak loud and clear
“May you live in interesting times” is considered to be an apocryphal Chinese curse and was interpreted by the English to include disorder and conflict. Today we live on the edge of uncertainty with Trump’s reversals of environmental policy that was enacted to help preserve our fragile planet and protect our health from high levels of mercury from the burning of coal in power plants as just one example. Trump swings wildly and sometimes incoherently in the seat of power without a moral compass to guide him. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona described Trump’s politics and behavior as “beyond the pale” and added, “We are excusing undignified and outrageous and reckless speech.”

Today Americans can point to an edifice located in New York City, our financial and cultural capital, that reaches toward the sky and is known as Trump Tower. Does this tower serve as a symbol of unchecked ego and ruthless greed or of golden success? I suggest that we must turn our moral compass on high to find the answer. I urge all Virginians to vote their conscience on Nov. 7 and send a message to the Republican Party. A vote for Ralph Northam and Mark Herring will both safeguard progressive programs for our state and notify the political players in Washington that the citizens of Virginia have spoken loud and clear.

Julius Neelley
Lake Monticello

Staiger, Stewart and O’Brien bring needed skills to Boards
After serving 43 years as an educator and 10 years on the Board of Supervisors, I feel I have expert knowledge on how both the School Board and Board of Supervisors function.

I am urging the voting public to educate themselves on what types of School Board candidates have the skills and knowledge to support staff in educating our students to become well qualified for further education or to enter the workforce upon graduation. Please read the background information on Shirley Stewart and Linda Staiger (a write-in candidate), so you can see the impressive careers and levels of education they can bring to the Board.
We can no longer elect candidates that are merely concerned with promises about salaries, healthcare, and tax cuts. Let it be known that the primary function of the School Board is to set policies and regulations to manage the operations of our school system according to state and federal laws. The Board of Supervisors supports the welfare, education, and safety for all citizens.

Furthermore, I encourage you to re-elect Tony O’Brien to the Board of Supervisors. Tony has the technological knowledge and skills that our Board needs as we rapidly approach economic development. Because of his commitment to water and sewage at Zion Crossroads, our quarterly report shows businesses are on their way to Fluvanna County.

When you cast your vote, be at peace knowing you are voting for candidates who value education and a supervisor who is a deep thinker with the technology skills and commitment to economic development that Fluvanna needs to take care of its citizens.

Mozell H. Booker
Board of Supervisors vice chair

Linda Staiger has grit
I strongly support Linda Staiger for Columbia District School Board (precinct in Kents Store). Why? The top of my list of reasons is Dr. Staiger has shown a lifelong character of grit, a passion and persistence to achieve goals.

She graduated from Fluvanna High School and was admitted into the first class of women at Virginia Tech. Not quite certain what she wanted to do with her life, she dropped out for a while and then transferred to the University of Virginia (U.Va.), being admitted into the first class of women. She excelled at anatomy; a U.Va. professor suggested she go to medical school. She attended Eastern Virginia Medical School and became an orthopedic surgeon. At that time, less than 1 percent of orthopedic surgeons were women. Do you realize what grit it took to go down that path at a time when women were commonly marginalized? After practicing in California, she returned to her family farm in Virginia, practiced in Farmville and then U.Va. Grit. After a long career in medicine, Dr. Staiger explored the arts and has become an accomplished artist.

How does this trait of grit translate to the Fluvanna School Board? She is a wonderful role model and has a great story to tell Fluvanna children. Grit dissolves obstacles to achieve goals. Linda Staiger is determined to be an excellent School Board member, representing the interests of Columbia District children, families, teachers and education staff as well as taxpayers. She is a problem solver, does her research and then pushes forward. Dr. Staiger lives modestly on the family farm, living rural values, and wants to give back to our Fluvanna community. She is clearly the best choice for School Board in the Columbia District. Write in “Linda Staiger” and fill in the bubble on Nov. 7 if you live in the Columbia District.

Kathleen Swenson Miller

Vote O’Brien for delivered promises
Four years ago, Fluvanna was in a very different position. The Board of Supervisors had lost the confidence of its constituents, education funding was in its third year of being slashed, and the county had an incoherent vision for bringing in economic development.

That all changed with the election of Tony O’Brien. Tony didn’t run as a Democrat or a Republican, he ran to bring much-needed leadership to the Board and to build solutions. The county looks very different today as he lived up to every one of his promises. Smart, fiscally responsible investments were made to better position public education in the county, as well as investments in core services. O’Brien finally brought closure to a pipeline deal to bring water and subsequently economic development to the county, which will help rebalance the tax base.

However, his job is not done. Efforts in planning and zoning are critical to finish the job. O’Brien is the only businessman on the Board who has proven that he can lead the county forward. He is the only one who pushed for a better location for the solar farm than taking up valuable space at Zion Crossroads. He is the only one committed to bring economic development to help diversify the tax base and relieve the burden of homeowners. O’Brien lived up to his promise to cut taxes for local business and remains against a BPOL tax. However, he does support the push for a business license program to help the county identify businesses, ensure proper collection of taxes, and develop programs to enable local businesses for success.

All of these are key to Fluvanna’s success and appear to be lost on his opponent. His opponent has mastered the buzzwords but has zero experience or engagement in the county and has yet to share any plan. Don’t let Fluvanna step backwards. When you vote Nov. 7, don’t vote “D” or “R” down your ticket. Vote for O’Brien who made good on every promise four years ago and who is the only one who can keep the county moving forward for the next four years!
Bill Sullivan
Fluvanna homeowner

O’Brien’s laser focus on economic development
As an entrepreneur and business owner, Tony O’Brien understands what lures and detracts a business from moving to and staying in Fluvanna. He has had a successful track record these past four years as Rivanna’s representative on the Board of Supervisors (BOS) in helping Fluvanna to develop and pursue an effective economic development plan.

I remember first meeting Tony when he, along with thousands of other Fluvanna citizens, were blind-sided by a 2012 last-minute multi-million dollar BOS cut to the Fluvanna school budget. Citizens were upset, some complained, many showed up at a large BOS meeting, but Tony O’Brien stepped up to be a BOS candidate to influence the direction of the county. In other words, he not only talks, but puts words into action. In 2011-12 we had chaos in the county; several county administrators and staff were fired. The vision for Fluvanna’s future was to say “no” and cut core services.

Tony O’Brien has provided leadership, along with county staff, for economic development in the county as well as pushing to restore funds to the school budget, investing in Fluvanna’s future. He has chosen to focus on economic development by serving on the Piedmont Workforce Network Council, Broadband Task Force, Fluvanna Planning Commission and Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. He was one of the negotiators on the water and sewer pipeline to the Zion Crossroads area in order to diversify our current tax base by bringing in more business tax revenue. Remember that homeowners currently pay 93 percent of Fluvanna’s tax base; a healthy base is 70 to 80 percent. Based upon the most recent economic development progress report, benefits are being reaped from the prospect of water and sewer in our targeted economic development area. We need Tony O’Brien on the Board of Supervisors; he is the best choice for Fluvanna taxpayers.

Kathleen Swenson Miller

Democratic mailer is misleading
Evidently Ralph Northam did not get Michelle Obama’s message: “When they go low we go high.” The mailer attempts to paint the president and Ed Gillespie as being supportive of white supremacists and linking them to the events in Charlottesville in August. I challenge Northam and the Democratic Party to produce evidence that in any way links the president or Gillespie to the depicted events, or to any speech in which they have stated support for white supremacists. If they do not have verifiable information, they should immediately retract the implication and offer an apology. The new Democratic mantra seems to be, if you go low we can go lower.

I would also request that Northam address the deletion of Justin Fairfax from some campaign flyers. If, as alleged, this was done at the request of an unnamed union, I would question what sway unions hold over Northam. What other demands could be made of Northam and what would his likely reaction to those demands be? We do not need and cannot afford a governor that can be swayed by special interest groups or individuals. We need someone who is looking out for and is supportive of all Virginians.

James E. (Jim) Haney

Staiger is an exceptional candidate

This Election Day we have an opportunity to elect a person from the Columbia District that is equipped to be an exceptional School Board member. That person is Dr. Linda Staiger.

Linda has a unique background and interests in both science and the arts. She was a pioneering woman in both the pursuit of her education, as well as her career as an orthopedic surgeon. Linda demonstrates exceptional skill in listening, problem-solving, and attention to detail. Her compassion for others will certainly be reflected in the work she will do as a Board member. Linda Staiger has studied and fully understands the expectations of a School Board member.

I am going to write in Linda Staiger for School Board member in the Columbia District and fill in the bubble. I urge you to also write in Linda Staiger so we can have an exceptional School Board representative.

Wayne White

We need Tony O’Brien
Join me in expressing our appreciation for the cool-headed and wise leadership Tony O’Brien has shown on the Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors this past term. When we are challenged for smart thinking and balanced perspective about progress and growth in our area, a vote for Tony is what we need. His experience and stable leadership will go a long way to ensure sound Board decision making in the future. We could only wish we had three more Tonys to re-elect; we need ‘em!

Jeffrey James
Lake Monticello

Rob Bell works for people, not self
With all the constant shouting about yet another sophomoric act by a politician, we sometimes fail to look at the people who can help us with the policies and laws that affect us every day.
Rob Bell is one who works to make our lives more secure and protect our rights.

Rob led the fight to protect your property rights when our government decides that they want all your property for “public use.” Rob’s and Ken Cuccinelli’s property rights law ensures that any legal government seizure is only that land that is absolutely necessary for government use.

More important to all of us is Rob’s all-out assault on drunken driving by ensuring that repeat offenders lose their driving rights; that those convicted of a DUI with children in the car go to jail; and that convicted offenders be required to pay medical and funeral expenses of their victims.

A vote for Rob Bell ensures that we have a legislator who will work for us and not for self.

Jean and Jules Marron

O’Brien’s leadership instrumental to county progress
The Board of Supervisors has taken major steps to begin to improve the county’s economic base. They are investing in water and sewer infrastructure to promote economic development. They are investing in telecommunications towers which will improve emergency communications throughout the county. The Board has also made sure there is adequate funding to ensure Fluvanna County students are provided with a quality education.

Yes, the tax rate is higher. Investments to improve our economic base require funding. Improving the economic base will take time and more resources. Just a few years ago, the tendency of the Board was to not invest in infrastructure and not spend to improve services. Tax rates were lower and services suffered. Even then, the tax rate was increasing. 

I do not believe that the direction the Board of Supervisors has taken would have been accomplished without the leadership of Tony O’Brien. The Board may have gone in a different direction without his advocacy, business knowledge and common sense approach. 

Darrell Byers is a candidate for the Rivanna supervisor seat. According to his ad, he appears to support the direction the Board has taken although he states that it could be accomplished at a lower rate. I cannot accept his position, especially since the full Board voted for the rate. It appears that Mr. Byers does not have the experience or the knowledge to support his promise to the Rivanna District voters.

It is time once again to decide the direction of the county. I urge that we continue to support Tony O’Brien. He continually demonstrates his passion for a strong education system and public services. He is a successful businessman and knows what it takes to move the county forward.
   Joe Chesser
   Rivanna District

O’Brien and Stewart will keep county moving forward
To me, the question is simple: Do we want to continue the progress Fluvanna has been making in the last four years, which includes improved infrastructure to Zion Crossroads (which will attract business and improve the tax rate structure), and continued school improvement, or do we want to go backwards and lower the tax rate now which will hurt us in the long run?
Tony O’Brien has been a big part of getting this county moving ahead. He’s a proven leader who is responsible to the taxpayers and understands we have to invest money to make money. Anyone who thinks further ahead than the next tax bill should vote for him.

Shirley Stewart has been endorsed by Carol Tracy Carr, the School Board member and chair who helped the schools grow and improve over the last four years. Shirley will continue those policies and, unlike her opponent, she has a solid educational background, including over 20 years as a teacher and principal. In addition, she is working for the University of Virginia mentoring young teachers, including those here in Fluvanna County.

This election is important. It will determine whether Fluvanna County will continue to grow and improve. Please support Tony O’Brien and Shirley Stewart in their efforts to keep it moving forward.

Susan Orr
Lake Monticello

Vote Shirley Stewart for schools
It is an honor to write this letter in support of Shirley Stewart for Fluvanna County School Board. She is a member of our community with more than 30 years of experience in education, and we are fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber and dedication. Shirley understands the importance of providing a meaningful education for all students. Over the past several months, she had worked to receive input from all stakeholders in the community and has attended School Board meetings to gain further knowledge about the school division. In her current position at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education, she serves as a mentor and shares her expertise with student teachers. Her goal is to provide them with the skills necessary to enter the classroom and become successful educators. She is committed to continue the progression of educational opportunities for the students of Fluvanna County. I encourage all Rivanna District residents to go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7 and cast your vote for Shirley Stewart – education counts, experience matters.

Camilla Washington
School Board vice chair

Experience and dedication matters
Our current political climate is rife with hyper partisan politics and therefore it is refreshing to see several independents running for local office who will place Fluvanna’s issues above partisanship.

Tony O’Brien is running for re-election as an independent and he possesses the experience, vision, creativity and dedication to ensure that Fluvanna succeeds.

O’Brien has demonstrated that he dives deep into the facts, that he will listen to both sides, and that his chief concern is to put the needs of Fluvanna first and foremost. Upon his election several years ago, he hit the ground running and immediately worked to restore funding to our schools in addition to the many critical non-profits that serve our community. He fought for and delivered a fair water deal with Louisa, which protected Fluvanna’s interests by insisting on tangible deadlines and water quantities and that was focused on forging a partnership with Louisa built on trust by keeping one’s word. 

Moreover, he has fought against inconsistent enforcement of land use polices that ultimately result in significantly higher tax burdens to Lake Monticello homeowners. He pushed for revenue recovery to help pay for qualified emergency rescue personnel. He voted for additional staffing to help shore up the social service office. He voted for funding to bring additional counselors, a school psychologist and school resource officers to ensure that children succeed. These measures ultimately serve to prevent higher costs through early intervention. He has tirelessly advocated for economic development and for inventive ways to reduce the tax burden on homeowners.
It is without question that our county needs O’Brien’s experienced voice and his willingness to tackle complex issues and make the tough votes while working to achieve consensus. O’Brien has delivered for Fluvanna and he promotes Fluvanna’s potential and strength at every opportunity.

Therefore, I strongly urge all Rivanna District voters to join me in casting a ballot for Tony O’Brien on Nov. 7 as he has a deep grasp of the issues facing Fluvanna County coupled with a proven track record that will aid in propelling Fluvanna forward into the future.

Andrea G. Overweg
Lake Monticello

Think twice before casting Columbia School Board vote
Full disclosure. I live in the Rivanna District and wholeheartedly support candidates Tony O’Brien for supervisor and Shirley Stewart for our School Board representative.

But I am concerned about the Columbia District School Board race. I do commend candidate Andrew Pullen for his service to the community, and I have no doubt he is a loving father and wants the best for all Fluvanna County students, but I cannot overlook his enthusiastic support for Republican candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

Dr. Carson has made it clear he is a creationist and to those who believe in the overwhelming scientific evidence, Carson’s ideas about evolution and the origin of the universe are tragically off base. Mr. Pullen claims he supports opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) for all students. This seems inconsistent. So did he support Dr. Carson just because he had an “R” next to his name? Will he suggest Fluvanna County teach creationism in our schools, or speak out against ideas that may not conform to his spiritual beliefs? Mr. Pullen promotes the success of all students; does that include those who worship differently, or not at all?
And I certainly hope Mr. Pullen does not condone the disrespect Mr. Trump has shown for POWs, Gold Star families and women, or the demeaning way he treats anyone who disagrees with him. I suspect he does not, but once again, why then did Mr. Pullen endorse him? Is it blind allegiance to one party no matter what the candidate does or stands for?

Yes, it would be nice to focus on policy, not politics, but the candidates you endorse and their actions mean something. I encourage residents of the Columbia District to think about their choices and what their vote may mean before going to the polls Nov. 7.

Marilyn Kozak

O’Brien supports fair land use taxes
As a property owner at Lake Monticello for over 12 years, I was surprised to learn that a quarter acre of waterfront land assessed at over $125,000 is the most expensive property in Fluvanna County. In fact, most of Lake Monticello’s land values are the highest in the area. Only areas in Zion Crossroads that are zoned commercial or industrial come close to our assessed values. This means a landowner with approximately 145 acres in agricultural land use including a two-acre homestead at Zion pays about $1,100 in taxes – the same as that waterfront homeowner.

Tony O’Brien’s support of stricter enforcement and closer review of land use polices and assessment prices serve his Rivanna constituents well. He believes that all landowners have a responsibility to contribute their fair share toward our tax base. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Tony O’Brien for Rivanna supervisor.

Walter Kozak
Lake Monticello

O’Brien demonstrates engaged leadership
Unfortunately, partisanship seems to be everywhere these days, even here in Fluvanna. Mr. O’Brien seems to transcend this by putting Fluvanna first.

He brings a balanced and thoughtful focus on the issues and keeps his eye on the long-term. We need informed, committed and engaged leaders like Tony.

His opponent appears to be just the opposite, has yet to offer a coherent message, and instead offers inaccurate bullet points and promises that will be difficult to fulfill.

Eve Gaige
Broken Island

Write in Linda Staiger for School Board

There are several qualities of a School Board member, and Linda Staiger exhibits them as the Columbia District School Board candidate. She has a vision for improving student achievement and supporting quality instruction. She believes that all students should be provided an opportunity to explore the educational pathways available to reach their aspirations and goals. Linda recognizes that School Board members are held accountable for the development of policies and procedures that focus on student growth and create strategies that promote the division’s excellence. She is committed to engage the community and build strong relationships with stakeholders and provide a premium learning environment for all students.

As a retired physician, Linda acknowledges the importance of recruitment, retention and professional development among staff. She values the knowledge that data provides and the importance of it to drive continuous improvement. She has worked tirelessly to gain information regarding the school budget, curriculum and instruction, career and technical education programs, and the collaborative relationships that Fluvanna has bridged among the region. I encourage all Columbia District residents to go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7 and write in “Linda Staiger.” Strong schools result in strong communities.

Camilla Washington
School Board vice chair