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Nine hole honoreesEach year, the Lake Monticello Golf Course senior men’s Gray Foxes organization holds a year-end banquet. This year the event was held for the first time at the new pub facility in the Bunker clubhouse. The senior golfers were offered a choice between beef and chicken, and both choices were well received by those in attendance. In addition, the beer was included.

The Gray Foxes have an 18-hole men’s group that plays Thursday mornings and a nine-hole group that plays Friday mornings. Participants may play with both groups, but most players choose one group or the other.

The coordinator for the 18-hole group for the 2017 season was Dan Atkinson. He runs multiple competitions during the season, which stretches from April to October. The year-round competition that keeps the attention of all the players is known as ringers. There is a ringers competition once a month. The idea of this competition is to keep track of each player’s best gross and net scores on each hole for the entire year.

This season, the best scores in ringers in the 18-hole group were Karl Berstresser and Tom Hanlon with 67 gross, and Terry Furlong with an amazing 46 net. Last year the best net score was 51. Just behind these winners were Phil Seyller and Dan Atkinson with gross scores of 68, and John Horsfall and Ben Stoppe with net scores of 48.

Dan Foley, coordinator for the nine-hole Gray Foxes, announced that the ringers winners were Gene Riek and Doug Caron with a low gross of 36, and Walt O’Connell with a low net of 21. Just behind O’Connell were Gene Riek and Ben Stoppe with 22. Foley also announced that the nine-hole group awarded a most improved designation to Eric Mackinnon.

The 18-hole Gray Foxes also keep track of the lowest gross and net scores for the entire season. The best gross score for the year was a four over par 76 by Bob Lamb. Close behind in this category with 77 was the triumvirate of Dan Atkinson, Larry Cormier and Alan Stewart. In the best gross score category, Mick Dinora led the way with a 59, followed by Garry Woody with 60.

Every week the Gray Foxes participants ante up a small weekly fee and the money accumulated is turned in to the pro shop before that week’s play. At the end of the day’s play, the money is allocated to the players or the team of players with the best scores in that week’s format. The money won is available in store credits at the pro shop. In addition, every week there is a closest to the pin competition on the par three holes. Each week, winners of this competition are awarded a sleeve of balls.

This season the Gray Foxes were extremely pleased to be playing over the very well maintained Lake Monticello course and to be able to utilize the significantly upgraded pro shop and cart barn facilities. In addition, with the pub facility opening up during the season, players were able to return to enjoying a 19th hole beer and burger onsite.

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