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Aqua Virginia customers received in their most recent bills notification of the company’s intent to raise water and sewer rates.

Aqua filed a rate case with the State Corporation Commission (SCC) last August to up water rates by 11 percent and sewer rates by 5.4 percent, for a combined increase of 9 percent.

If the SCC approves Aqua’s rate increase, the average Lake Monticello system household bill will rise to $127.39 per month – an increase of 7.4 percent.

Aqua provides water and sewer service to nearly 5,000 homes, offices and other buildings in the Lake Monticello system. Lake Monticello, Sycamore Square, Nahor Village and Piedmont Village comprise the Lake Monticello system, which is Aqua’s largest system in the state. Census data leads Aqua to believe that the Lake Monticello system serves over half of Fluvanna’s population.

Aqua estimates that the average Lake Monticello system household uses 3,200 gallons of water per month – up from its 3,150-gallon estimate from the 2014 rate case.

Aqua also provides water to 40 locations in Columbia, 31 locations in Palmyra, and 28 locations in the Stage Coach neighborhood.

Fluvanna residents who recently bought homes served by Aqua likely had fair warning about the high water and sewer bills. But those who moved in prior to 2005 – the year of Aqua’s first rate increase –have been in for a real surprise. Before 2005, the average household bill was $38.62 per month.

Aqua Virginia poured millions of dollars into fixing the Lake Monticello water and sewer system, which was in such a desperate state that it took 10 years for the company to earn the all-clear from the Department of Environmental Quality.

altBelow is a record of two decades of rate increases. The first, from 1996, provides a reference point. The second, from 2005, is the first of Aqua Virginia’s rate increases.