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Disc golfWatch your back, pickleball, there’s a new sport in town. Disc golf has finally come to Pleasant Grove.

The first nine holes of an 18-hole course have been staked out and are ready for play. Aaron Spitzer, director of Fluvanna County parks and recreation, said the full course should be completed by spring.

Disc golf follows the basic rules of traditional golf, except instead of trying to sink a ball into a hole, players try to hit an elevated metal basket with a Frisbee or flying disc. The goal is to complete each “hole” in the fewest throws.

The course was first proposed about three years ago. Until now, local disc golfers had to go to Charlottesville or Richmond.   

Players here in Fluvanna will wind their way through the woods behind the Pleasant Grove playground, facing low-hanging branches, dense underbrush, and challenging “dog-leg” throws around bends.

The course was laid out by a professional disc golfer who blazed a path through the trees. Then Spitzer and his father went to work, clearing trees and brush and building small bridges across watery areas. Volunteers, including Eagle Scouts and students, also assisted with trail-building. Using an appropriation of about $6,000 approved by the Fluvanna Board of Supervisors, Spitzer installed the metal baskets and staked out “tee pads” at varying distances from each basket.

Depending on the hole, players will be between 245 and 345 feet from the basket.

For those that don’t have their own regulation discs, Spitzer has ordered several sets which will be available for rental for $5 each. “So a family of four can come and have a day of fun for about $20,” he said.

He also plans to put in a 10-car parking area at the start of the course and replace temporary signs with permanent markers.

The official opening will likely come in April, but Spitzer said players were welcome to try the front nine over the winter. Maps of the course are currently available at the visitor center.

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