altRobert Murray Perce, Jr., aged 80, of Lake Monticello, passed away Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017, from cancer of an unknown primary.  

Bob was born in Oak Park, Ill., on Aug. 9, 1937. He got his undergraduate degree in history and English with honors at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., in 1959. He then became a commissioned officer in the United States Navy and served in Morocco and Newport, R.I., until 1963. After completing his military service, Bob attended the University of Virginia Law School and graduated with an LL.B., again with honors, in 1966. Thus began a 27-year career in corporate and general practice of law, the last 10 years of which he was general counsel to two corporations engaged in the international trading and transport of petrochemicals and in offshore drilling investments.

Bob was a man of extraordinary intellect, creativity, and curiosity – taking great pleasure in both the physical world around him and the life of the mind. A devoted husband and father, he was a legend to his children for reading novels aloud during family vacations, devising epic Halloween costumes, and his favorite phrase: “Everyone needs a weird father.” He loved the performing arts and maintained lifelong involvement in theater as both an actor and director, and founded two community theater groups, including the Reston Players in Reston, Va. He was also an avid traveler and tennis player.

While still working full-time as a lawyer, he pursued a degree in theology. He completed two years of study at New York Theological Seminary in 1980-81 and additional coursework at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1982, Rice University in 1984, and the Houston Graduate School of Theology in 1986-87. He taught a number of theology, history and Biblical studies courses over the years wherever he and his family were residing. In 1993 Bob left the practice of law to become a teacher at the White Mountain School in Bethlehem, N.H. For the next nine years, he shared his knowledge, wisdom and love of life with the students there as a teacher, athletic coach, theater director, and dorm parent.

In 2002 he suffered a serious stroke. Unable to continue working, he and his wife Pat left the school and moved to Lake Monticello, Va., where they remained to the present day. Though Bob’s ability to pursue many of his passions was limited after his stroke, he and Pat continued to enjoy music together, singing with the Fluvanna Community Singers for the past 10 years.

He is survived by his wife Pat; six children; and eight grandchildren. 

He will be remembered at a memorial ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017, at 3 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Simeon, located at 1333 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville, Va.