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Ms. Eldridge classKids feel the magic of Christmas in a way that most grown-ups have forgotten. Knowing nothing of to-do lists and credit card interest, little children focus their round eyes instead on brightly-colored lights, fattened stockings, and far-off relatives come to visit.

As the holidays approach and the excitement builds, second grade students in Ms. Elizabeth Eldridge’s class at Central Elementary School took the time to explain the gifts they hope to receive (hint to parents: they want drones) and express their fervent hopes to escape less interesting presents (hint: no clothes).

They also reflected on the holiday itself – Christmas, for each of the students in Ms. Eldridge’s class. Written painstakingly and spelled creatively, these messages recall special Christmas memories, funny anecdotes, and musings on the meaning behind the celebration.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Eating the food at the Christmas feast. (Karly Critzer)
I go to my mom’s dad’s and grandma’s house! (DeVar Palmer)
Every Christmas day we sip on hot chocolate and watch home alone. (Zoe Jeffries)
My favrit trdishan is going to chrch. (Milo Kyle)
I walk my dogs. (Marianne Creasy)
Decorate my Chrstmas tree. (Sammy McQueen)
Nanny & Papa come over. (Cheyanne Short)
Going to my granmall’s house. (James Feury)
Put the angle on the tree. (Sean Stewart)

What do you like most about Christmas?
When I open my presnt’s cause it’s suprizing! (Gavin McNaul)
Giving to others and being with my family. (Sophie Long)
It’s Jesus’s birthday. (Cheyanne Short)
I like presents the most! (DeVar Palmer)
We remembr Jeses dieing on the cross and wen he took are sin. (Milo Kyle)
Spending time to think about family and Jesus. (Anneliese Guseman)
Geting prestens is the best about Christmas. (Cooper Dringo)
What present do you hope to get for Christmas?
I hope I get a brother free time. (Zoe Jeffries)
Drone. (Sean Stewart)
A stuff animal of a huskie. (Karlie Carroll)
Computer. (James Feury)
Alot of money so I can help homeless people. (Sophie Long)
LOVE. (Anneliese Guseman)
I hope I get a Skateboard. (Karly Critzer)

What present do you hope you won’t get?

I do not want a pare of sock’s. (Milo Kyle)
UNDERWEAR! (Zoe Jeffries)
A wig cause it’s itchey. (Gavin McNaul)
FOOTBALL. (DeVar Palmer)
Clothes because I aready have alot. (Sophie Long)
Chips. (Allbri Mendez)
A hero toy. (Cheyanne Short)
Clthing like serts, pant’s. (James Feury)
Coal! (Karly Critzer)
Girl’s stuff. (Sean Stewart)

What is your most interesting Christmas memory?
Going to my gramas houis she is the best! (Cooper Dringo)
Teacheing my baby Cousins to open stokings and presentes. (Anneliese Guseman)
Geting P.J. on Chrismas eve. (Karlie Carroll)
Me geting my rmote cunchl car. (Milo Kyle)
We get our graneparens. (Allbri Mendez)
Daddy & Mommy not wanting to open presents. (Cheyanne Short)
When my sister came home! (Zoe Jeffries)
When my elf brought me and my brother pj’s. (Karly Critzer)
When my cosins come to my house. (Sean Stewart)
I got sik so I wish’t to fely better. On christmas moning I felt better. (James Feury)