County adopts social media policy

Fluvanna County is taking steps to separate the professional and private lives of its employees on social media.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed the county’s new social media use policy at its meeting Wednesday afternoon (March 1). The county previously had no such policy.

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Youth Boardgaming League leader Craig Girard tells students how to playCraig Girard, a board game-loving father, decided to share that love with Fluvanna’s middle school students by creating the Youth Boardgaming League.

Every Thursday after school, about 10 students gather with Girard and Vinnie Carrion, a fellow game-loving dad, to play board games and try their hand at creating new ones.

And we’re not talking Life, Monopoly or checkers.

When seventh graders Noah Young and Aidan Girard started playing games as toddlers and preschoolers, their favorites weren’t Chutes and Ladders or Memory. Noah’s favorite game was chess. Aidan said he never played “those classic games.” His favorite was Bakugan

It’s a board game inspired by Bakugan Battle Brawlers, a Japanese-Canadian television series.
You get the picture.
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Supervisors advertise 92.5-cent tax rate

The Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday night (Feb. 22) to advertise a 2018 real property tax rate of 92.5 cents per $100 valuation.

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Finn Proctor and DarlaWhen Finn Proctor, 7, of Troy, entered his chicken, Darla, for a chance to win a local “Cutest Critter” contest, he never imagined he would get kickback.

But that’s what happened once the chicken settled in beside other more traditional pets in the running. So Finn sent a video response to naysayers about being nicer.

It quickly went viral, gathering over 5,000 views in only two days.

Finn and Darla’s two-year relationship began when Finn brought Darla and two other baby chicks who desperately needed homes to live with him and his family. Darla and her “siblings” weren’t in the best of health but Finn made it his mission to try to make them well.

“I help take care of all our chickens,” he said. He also posts social media updates on his feathered friends. Add a comment


Aerial viewThe controversial proposed development that rocked Fluvanna County, known first as Walker’s Ridge and then as Poplar Ridge, is officially over.

The Fluvanna County Board of Supervisors approved Feb. 15 a request by the land’s owner, Hotel Street Capital, LLC, to put its 232 acres into a conservation easement.

“The effect of this [conservation easement] is to restrict land in perpetuity,” said County Attorney Fred Payne. “It’s a serious step.”

The land sits primarily on the western side of Route 15 at its intersection with Route 644 near Palmyra, adjacent to Camp Friendship.

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