Editor’s note: Fork Union Military Academy submitted a photo to the Fluvanna Review that identified Cadet Alex Thomas as a bugler.

Trumpet, not bugle
The March 2 photo of the week shows a cadet playing the trumpet, not the bugle. You can’t play the national anthem on a bugle.
As a World War II Navy bugler I played a plastic bugle because all metal was being used for war materials. I played trumpet in the big bands in Philadelphia for about 30 years.
After the war, I often was called upon to play Taps at deceased veterans’ funerals. I am 89 and still play the trumpet for my own enjoyment.

Bob Kessler
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Editor’s note: This letter references a Jan. 12 editor’s note called “Popular or not, we print the news.”

Misconceptions in news media
More than half of people, reported from a national survey, named the media their primary source of news on crime.  It is often hard to point out which media sources are reporting true, unbiased news. Our local newspaper, the Fluvanna Review, has done a good job at not showing favoritism in its coverage of news stories.

Sensitivity to certain news, especially in a small town like ours, is bound to happen, but it is important to keep in mind the fairness being displayed.  Whether it is a community-favored individual or a topic that may upset a political view, there is a right to report all news and crime and a responsibility of the press to the community that these stories are being covered without bias.

Television news reporting on crime can often display suspects differently; for example, by positively or negatively portraying one race over the other. Regardless of what reality is, the media can choose what your perception of reality is. It is important to understand that the news media often times has filters, which chooses to tell a filtered portion of a story. Having a reliable, honest, and fair source of news and factually correct source of crime information is hard to find. Luckily, the staff and editor of our local newspaper have done a good job, and personally stated, how they show no bias in the news they cover. Add a comment


Serve veterans
I was heartened to see a recent letter from a fellow veteran imploring citizens to contact senators and congressmen regarding veterans’ affairs. I heard no such call to arms during the last eight years of the Obama administration. No outrage when Obama stated that the military, therefore veterans, were volunteers and so should pay their own medical expenses. No whining about Mrs. Clinton and her husband Bill’s stating their “loathing for the military” or John Kerry accusing us of being “reminiscent of the hordes of Genghis Khan.” That attitude projected itself blatantly in the mismanagement, callous and criminal behavior of the administrators of the VA. Non-treatment, desperation and suicides abounded, not to mention veterans dismissed to wallow in their own despair in VA parking lots. There were scarce back page reports but never a reckoning.

Analogous to the Department of Education, I doubt hiring more administrators, clerks, lawyers, psychologists and food services personnel will rectify the dilemma. A careful assessment of the present situation, removal of embedded derelict bureaucrats feathering their nest, and bringing in people with the culture and dedication to serve the veteran is in order. I have faith that funds needed to accomplish that mission will be allocated.

The military and veterans overwhelmingly supported President Trump for just those reasons. For sure, I did.

Rich Mullin
Lake Monticello

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Thank you for gerrymandering article
I’m sending out a big thank you for doing the Feb. 2 cover story on our issue of gerrymandering. My director, Brian Cannon, of One Virginia 2021, certainly appreciated the opportunity to address the Lake Monticello Newcomers and Old Friends group, and I know he too will appreciate your coverage. Thank you also to Ruthann Carr, who wrote the story. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I plan to pick up a few additional copies to take with me to a meeting of the Blue Ridge Regional Council of One Virginia later this month. You guys are just super and a wonderful asset to this community. 

Joe Shaver
Lake Monticello

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Editor’s note: This letter references an editor’s note published Jan. 12 regarding the community’s reaction to a story on the arrest of a former teacher.

Editor’s note provided public service

I am delighted to see that the editor of this newspaper not only printed a news story that she carefully considered to be newsworthy, but that she also stuck to her constitutional rights to stand by that story in the face of what sounds like a tsunami of criticism.

Better yet, the editor went to the trouble to make a lesson out of her decision and to explain it to her readers. As a former journalist and column writer and, more importantly, as a journalism teacher who taught responsible journalism for nearly four decades, I believe that the Fluvanna Review offered a genuine public service and I commend them for it.

I sincerely hope that the local high school and middle schools used this opportunity as a teaching tool, one that would be appropriate for distinct ages, although the First Amendment pretty well covers all ages.

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