Scott Lucas new principal Carysbrook schoolScott Lucas feels like he’s home.
Named Carysbrook Elementary School’s new principal this summer, the Pennsylvania native taught third grade in Fluvanna from 2006 to 2010.
Lucas left to get administrative experience in Greene County. He came back as soon as he had the chance.
“I was thrilled for the opportunity to return to Fluvanna,” he said in an email. “I have always considered Fluvanna my home school district.”


Here are Lucas’ answers to the rest of the questions the Fluvanna Review asked:

Why did you go into education?

I love working with kids of all ages. I started my undergraduate studies as a psychology major. However, at some point I just simply knew that teaching was what I was supposed to do.

What made you want to move from the classroom into the principal’s office?
I absolutely loved being a classroom teacher. I also love and admire teachers. So the opportunity to support both students and teachers was irresistible.

What makes Carysbrook special?

Carysbrook is special to me because many of the staff I taught with at Central Elementary are teaching at Carysbrook. I love working with students of all ages, especially this age group.

What are your goals for the school, the teachers, and the students for this year?

I have an amazing staff made up of very talented and dedicated professionals. Our fantastic students come to us from different backgrounds and experiences.  I believe that Carysbrook is in a really good place. We will build on our strengths and improve in our areas for growth. I would love for Carysbrook to be recognized for its academic excellence.  My goal is for every member of the Carysbrook family to have the best experience they can have at Carysbrook.

What are your goals for yourself?

I love being a principal. My goal is to continue the tradition of excellence that has been established at Carysbrook. We will continue this by having Carysbrook be a school where students and staff love to come to learn and succeed, helping each individual dare to imagine the future possibilities by promoting engaged inspired learning every day.