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Pastor Marcus LeeDuring Black History Month in February, people often take the opportunity to delve into the numerous contributions African Americans have made locally and throughout the nation.

But, as one prominent member of the black community said recently, African Americans are contributing across Fluvanna County every day.

On Sunday (Feb. 12) at New Fork Baptist Church near Cohasset, the vitality and warmth of one black community was felt through gospel music, inspired preaching, and a ceaseless flow of welcoming hugs and handshakes.

“Every day is black history day, as far as I’m concerned,” Pastor Marcus Lee, Sr., told his congregation. “It’s not just 28 days. I’m living the reality of it.” Add a comment


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The Lake Monticello Owners’ Association (LMOA) Board of Directors is considering spending up to three-quarters of a million dollars on a new pool. The expense may require that LMOA residents foot the bill by means of a special assessment.

Repairs to the Lake Monticello community pool have totaled more than $208,000 in the past decade and repairs could cost another $200,000 or more, according to information released by LMOA this week.

A timeline compiled by Angie Cooke, LMOA contracts manager, for the Jan. 26 Board of Directors meeting listed the enhancements and repairs made on the pool, beginning with the installation of a new liner in 2006. That liner is now believed to be failing, along with parts of the plumbing and circulation systems. Add a comment


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Fluvanna County courted business developers at the library Wednesday (Feb. 8) by supplying breakfast and information on water and other projects.

About 30 men and women heard how Fluvanna is pro-business. 

Jason Smith, the county’s economic development director, unveiled a new logo and brochure he’ll use to sell the benefits of choosing Fluvanna.

Smith said the county is offering free public listings on its website for those who want to sell property.

“We’re on the way to a new, more user-friendly county website and want to make you aware of the resources,” Smith said. “If you need help in the process [of creating a listing] we will gladly provide that help.” Add a comment


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Sue LibermanAfter spending most of her life in health and human services, Lake Monticello resident Sue Liberman is putting her considerable experience to work by helping local seniors age safely in place.

Senior Solutions, Liberman’s business, focuses on helping older folks – and their families, who are often far away – feel confident that their homes are safe and they have the resources they need close at hand.

“There’s a significant population of grossly underserved older folks not just in Fluvanna but in Louisa and Orange too,” Liberman said. “My goal is to make sure they get care and services, have their needs met, and help the families of these wonderful people make healthy decisions.”

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Fluco girls basketballThe Conference 29 year-end tournament started Monday, Feb. 13. The fourth-seeded Flying Flucos girls’ team hosted the fifth-seeded Indians from Fort Defiance High.In an extremely tight defensive struggle, a number of Fluco freshmen came up big in the final minutes.

With 2:44 remaining, Fort Defiance hit one of two from the foul line to take a lead of 35-34. The Flucos have a very young team with freshmen in a number of key positions.  With no postseason experience under their belts, this young a team might be expected fold in this situation. However, Coach Chad White’s squad stepped up and won the final minutes 6-1 for its four-point win. Add a comment