Silver and Gold, a new social group for seniors

By Page H. Gifford

For those over 55 and living in Fluvanna who say there isn’t much to do except play golf, pickle ball, or cards, there’s a new thing to do. Peggy Shanklin saw a need and started a new group called Silver and Gold.

“I recognized a gap in services for older individuals who still desire to be active and engaged but face challenges, particularly in rural settings like Fluvanna,” she said.

Maintaining interests, staying active, volunteering, and exploring new ways to do old things combats loneliness and depression. “Having identified the potential consequences of isolation and lack of engagement among older adults, such as loneliness and depression, Silver and Gold provides a supportive environment where members can connect with others who share similar interests, thus combating these issues,” Shanklin said. “While existing senior centers cater to a certain demographic, I saw a need for a group that specifically caters to more active individuals. Silver and Gold fills this niche by offering activities and opportunities for engagement that appeal to this demographic.”

She added that her group’s inclusivity goes beyond Lake Monticello, recognizing that those outside of Lake Monticello face even greater challenges in accessing social and recreational opportunities.

“Overall, the decision to start Silver and Gold likely stems from a combination of recognizing a societal need, a desire to address issues of loneliness and isolation among older adults and a commitment to fostering community engagement and support,” Shanklin said.

While primarily targeted towards residents of Fluvanna, the group also welcomes participants from neighboring areas such as Louisa. This inclusive approach ensures that anyone within the specified age range, regardless of location, can join and benefit from the community and activities offered by Silver and Gold.

The group offers a variety of activities and opportunities for socialization, learning, and recreation. Whether through regular meetings, special events, or online platforms like Facebook, the group fosters connections and promotes well-being among its members. There are activities to suit all needs, including hiking or joining a walking group for exercise and socialization.  Pickleball is an option and is kayaking on local waterways. There are events and activities offered, such as attending theater productions, movies, and concerts, enjoying wine tastings and tours at nearby wineries, and participating in local festivals, fairs, and community gatherings.  

“We welcome new activities or suggesting new ideas that reflect the group’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs and interests of its members. This flexibility and responsiveness contribute to creating a vibrant and dynamic community where everyone feels valued and empowered to participate,” she added.

The regular meetings of Silver and Gold take place on the first Wednesday of each month from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at 41 Ashlawn Blvd. at the Lake.

 During these meetings, members enjoy a social time with snacks, providing an opportunity for informal interaction and camaraderie. Following the social period, a speaker presents various topics of interest to the group. After the speaker session, members can sign up for upcoming events and activities organized by Silver and Gold.

 “The group has a presence on Facebook -Fluvanna Silver and Gold – making it easier for interested individuals to find more information and get involved. The encouragement for everyone to stop by and give the group a look underscores the welcoming and inclusive nature of Silver and Gold,” she said.

For more information, please feel free to contact Peggy Shanklin at 434-962-2762 or

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