Karl Bergstresser and Terry FurlongThe Gray Foxes senior golf groups at the Lake Monticello golf course held their annual year-end banquet at the Tavern on the Green at Spring Creek on Monday (Nov. 7).

The Gray Foxes have an 18-hole contingent that plays every Thursday morning and a nine-hole contingent that plays on Friday mornings. Players can compete in both groups, but few do.

The awards banquet business started with President Dan Foley announcing the officers for the 2017 season. Dan Foley will return as president, Bill Scanlon will be vice-president, Burt Marks will be treasurer, and the 18-hole and nine-hole coordinators will be Dan Atkinson and Lou Monte respectively. Foley also acknowledged the two guests of honor at the event: Lake Monticello PGA professional Mark Marshall and long-time Gray Foxes officer Bob Strohmayer.

The 18-hole group and the nine-hole group each carry on a year-long competition called Ringers. In this competition, which is played once a month, each player’s lowest score for the season on each hole is tracked. This means that if a player shoots a six on a par four hole the first month, a five on the same hole month after month thereafter and then makes a birdie on the hole in the last month’s competition, all those fives are no longer counted and he is now credited with a three on that hole.
Clearly this competition favors players who play in the Ringers competition every month. If a player misses multiple months he has four, five or six chances to score well on each hole compared to a player who is there every month and has eight or nine chances to score well.

In each competition the best gross score and the best net score are tracked separately. In the nine-hole group competition, the winner for the best gross Ringers score was Doug Caron, who shot a 35. Stacey Bernard was second best with a 36. The winners for the best net score were John Snow and Walt O’Connell who tied at 23.
For the 18-hole group the best gross score was recorded by Rick Chiovaro with a 64. John Alluisi was second with a 65. The best net score was a tie between John Swenson and Jim Kinter who posted 51s on a handicapped basis. Right behind at 52 were Garry Woody, Terry Furlong and Ken Waller.

The 18-hole group also kept track of the lowest individual score during the season on both a gross score and a net score basis. Karl Bergstresser recorded the lowest gross score of the season with a 75. Lowest net score of the season was turned in by Terry Furlong who shot a 61.

During the season each week the competitors put money in the pot. The lowest gross and net scorers are awarded money credits at the Lake Monticello pro shop. This season the leading money winners in the nine-hole competitions were Ed Albright and Burt Marks. In the 18-hole competitions the top money winners were Garry Woody and Larry Cormier.

Although the construction of the new Bunker multi-purpose facility was ongoing through most of the season, play on the Lake Monticello course was not interrupted or disturbed. In addition, the course continued to be maintained in quality condition by the Billy Casper organization, including superintendent Jim Prucnal and his staff.