Artist talks inspiration

“I was frustrated, never happy, it never gave me that feeling I wanted to have,” she said.

Sholl explained that when she paints, she picks colors that reflect her mood for the day and that it gives her a freeing feeling with no preconceptions.
“It is an emotional feeling, I paint a moods,” she said. Though she took classes and workshops, they prepared her for more traditional forms of art and it felt too restrictive to her.

”Just put down a color and build on it,” she said as she swept her brush across a large canvas creating ethereal images and objects in lemon yellow and bright green. It was bright, reflecting a sunny mood.

“Don’t try to make it look like anything, give it your own expressions,” she said. “When you get to a place where you are blocked, turn the piece upside down and sideways and look at it from all angles.”

Another trick Scholl uses with her acrylics is gloss medium. To begin a painting she uses a gloss medium and white then gradually goes darker. Scholl states she uses a two inch wide brush and doesn’t paint linear strokes but scumbles it onto the canvas.

“I like using a larger brush. Small brushes require a lot of control and it is less feeling of freedom,” she said. To create textures she uses combs and other devices to create texture and pattern.

When asked how she chooses her colors and whether she relies mostly on warm or cool colors, Scholl stated she preferred using the color wheel.
Scholl will be showing her abstract art in the FAA’s September show at the library featuring large works.

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