Lake addresses new development, smoking and dam issues

He said he would like to make the homes be part of Lake Monticello, if the board agreed. The board suggested Jackson come to a work session to talk in more detail but in a less formal setting. Jackson suspected that if he bought the land, the project could take up to five years to complete. He did not say how many homes he planned to build on the site.

The Lake Monticello Owners’ Association Board passed a resolution Thursday (June 28) banning smoking outdoors in the community except in designated smoking areas. The board has not yet designated those areas. They discussed allowing smoking on the golf course, but no decision has been made. General Manager Catherine Neelley said many have expressed concern about smoking on the beaches creating litter and clean up problems in the sand and on the water.

Lake Monticello Owners’ Association President Britt Johnson said repairs on the main dam have not been completed nor has the work restarted to finish the repairs. Johnson said problems replacing a valve stopped the work. Legal contractual issues have prevented work from starting up again. Repairs to the Tufton Dam are complete. It has been inspected and they have applied for a conditional certificate.

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