A few hiccups for the new high school

A janitor walks by and they exchange a few words about whether or not the dumpsters are in the right place and if they have enough of them.
The kinks of starting a new school year in a new building were still working themselves out.


Eleventh graders Shania Wood and Madison Stinson of Scottsville think the new building is “big and confusing” expressing some concern about having enough time in passing periods to get to their distant classrooms.

“We looked and looked for our nursing classroom and finally found it,” said Wood. “Are we supposed to teleport?”

The nursing classroom, at the end of a long hall on the fourth floor, was still unfinished.

“We’ve got a pretty good start,” said Karen Grove, the high school’s new nursing instructor. “We’re still waiting for some equipment to arrive. We don’t have the beds yet.”

Meanwhile, downstairs in what is labeled the “agriculture room” boxes, vacuums, refrigerators, and coils of tubing fill the floor space.

“We were told to install all of the cabinetry, but I supposed this room will jus tbe for storage next semester,” said Jack Taylor, an installer with Diversified Educational Systems working on the finishing touches of the room.

The agriculture room will go unused this year, because there wasn’t enough money in the budget to hire the additional staff.

Upstairs in the guidance counselor’s office, a line goes out the door of students petitioning for changes to their schedules.

“I’ve been asking for [a change to my schedule] since June 5,” said eighth grader Eva McGeehee. “I want to opt out of exploratory classes an into more challenging classes.”

As McGeehee sat waiting patiently she added, “most of the people I talk to are excited about the new school.”

As if to prove her point, outside a student in the hallway screamed, “This is awesome!”

“We have a new building, a new attitude, new ideas and new accomplishments,” said Barlow. “This is a new beginning for us and these challenges will make us better.”

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