The Artist is a must see

The Artist, though silent, packs an emotional punch through the actors’ subtle deep emotional performances. No spoofs on old films or overblown drama but genuine feeling comes across. It’s Singing in the Rain meets A Star is Born with Fred and Ginger flying down to Rio and it’s delightful.

Jean Edmond Dujardin, the lead, is a French actor, film director, producer and comedian and was strong in the role of the older leading man, George Valentin, who fell out of favor in Hollywood once talkies took over the cinema. Like Norman Main in a Star is Born, he spirals downward into dark depths of despair but unlike Norman he bounces back and becomes a hoofer. Dujardin is obviously an accomplished actor but is also a talented tap dancer. He shines and no need to wonder why he won Best Actor for his performance.

Also, a must mention is Berenice Bejo, an Argentinean-French actress who stood up with an equally strong performance as Peppy Miller, the rising young star in love with George.

Naturally, the dog, perhaps the offspring of Frazier’s Eddie, was also a scene stealer, brought everything he had to the part in the most genuine way.

The film itself is a masterpiece of film artistry not seen in years.

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