Crime statistics offered at Lake board meeting

There were 30 criminal incidents in July and 22 in August of this year. That compares to 22 and 20 in July and August 2011 respectively the directors heard at the Sept. 27 board meeting.

Criminal incidents include assault, larceny, trespass, vandalism and drugs/alcohol, Boisvert reported. Other calls are grouped in incidents/events such as calls about animals, alarms, missing persons, warrant services and welfare checks and rules violations that include noise violations, animal complaints, swimming, parking and sign violations. There were 176 rules violations with 71 of those falling under sign violations in July and 100 in August, 31 of them sign violations – the largest category in each of those two months.

Under incidents and events, the largest category are rescue/ambulance calls and suspicious incidents. In July there were 319 incidents and 54 of those were rescue-related. In August, police recorded 306 incidents, 49 of which fell under suspicious incidents.

Boisvert said when he looked at stats from 2006, the numbers were not that different from 2012. Many on the board and in the audience at the Sept. 28 meeting seemed surprised.

Palamountain said her goal for the board is to let the people in charge of the departments do their job with little interference.

“I’m all for letting the staff do their job without the Board meddling ,” Palamountain said. “We’re watching the finances and making sure the policy manual – which was meant to be a living, breathing manual – is kept up to date. That to me is the responsibility of the Board.”
Reports, including the monthly crime statistics, will be posted on the Lake Monticello Voice website.

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