High school dedicated

Turns out members of the Fluvanna Community Singers (also directed by Scruggs) volunteered to be a part of the choir in honor of the new high school’s dedication on Sunday (Oct. 14). Over 20 adults of all ages sang in harmony with the Fluvanna high school students.

“I don’t blame them. This is an exciting day,” said Keller.

Perhaps because of the beautiful fall weather outside, the dedication was sparsely attended, the huge new auditorium looking more ready for a drama dress rehearsal than a historic building dedication. Virginia Delegate R. Lee Ware was in attendance, as well as the Fluvanna County School Board, a few of members of the Fluvanna Board of Supervisors, and a handful of Fluvanna County teachers.

The event’s keynote speaker was architect Roger Richardson with BCWH Architects, who helped design both the new high school and the addition to Central Elementary school several years ago. He told the story of showing the finished Central Elementary to a seven-year-old student over ten years ago. The child looked around with amazement and said, “wow.”

“When you consider the fact that a child was impressed with a place that they will remember for the rest of their life – that makes it all worth it,” said Richardson. Richardson thanked the community of Fluvanna for supporting such a project. “Citizens gave their time, ideas and money – not the least of which included their taxes. It would not be what it is today without their vision.”

Richardson described the new building as “flexible” and “agile,” able to meet the needs of the community “not only today but 10 years from now and 50 years from now.”

Keller closed the dedication by providing a brief history of the three buildings that have served as Fluvanna County High School through the years – Carysbrook High School, S.C. Abrams High School (the high school for African-Americans in Fluvanna prior to integration in 1969), and what is now the new middle school.

“What’s striking to me is that history is often about being excluded. This building is so beyond how being excluded could ever feel,” said Keller, emphasizing that the new building is accessible to anyone with a disability. “This school doesn’t exclude anyone. Every single child has access to what we can bring. It gives me chills to think of it.”

The last sentence of Keller’s speech was one of gratitude, “thank you for the gift that we’ve been given.”

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