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Julie Rocha, petite, blond, fit and a cardiac nurse, has seen what can happen from lack of exercise and this motivated her along with husband Alfred and her partner Kenney Payne to open the gym. They explained why their new facility meets a need by allowing members to get fit anytime. Alfred Rocha, a poster child for absolute fitness, is a former drill sergeant in the military and is the manager and personal trainer at the business.

Is Anytime Fitness similar to Snap or Curves?

Julie Rocha: Anytime Fitness is the world’s largest co-ed fitness facility with over 1 million happy members. It is similar to snap with the 24/7 access.

How did you become partners with Kenney Payne in this venture?

Julie Rocha: We previously worked together at American Family Fitness and our families have been close for about ten years and our kids have grown up together, in the gym environment and lifestyle.

Why open another gym at Lake Monticello?

Julie Rocha: The Lake is the perfect community with a large population traveling to Charlottesville and surrounding areas for a convenient modern gym to work out without having to travel and spend money in gas. The closer the location is to home the better change someone will train and get the results they are looking for in a gym membership. In addition our pricing structure which is designed to be more affordable than the local gyms, we offer 24/7 access with state of the art security, showers, tanning, helpful and friendly staff and access to anytime wellness program to keep each member on track and see progress.

What makes your gym unique?

Julie Rocha: Our gym is unique in many ways such as we will have brand new top of the line equipment, 24 hour 7 days a week access for convenience, very knowledgeable staff, state of the art security, a comprehensive wellness program, and access to nearly 2,300 gyms worldwide, all included in our membership. If you have a membership with our club there is access to all Anytime Fitness clubs with no extra charge.

What does the membership include?

Julie Rocha: A membership gets you much more than the average gym member is used to. With us, you are not just a number and we will strive to make sure we provide each member with the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals. Our staff and owners will notice your accomplishments and be involved in your success and know your goals and will be there to coach each member helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Is the gym franchise a new trend in fitness?

Julie Rocha: I think the gym franchise opportunity is the new approach to the fitness world. With obesity rates, disease, and costs of healthcare all on the rise people are starting to pay more attention to their personal well being. With that said, it is great to team up with a successful franchise like Anytime to get the additional support which can offer the best technology at an much more affordable rate.

How is security set up for 24 hour fitness?

Julie Rocha: We will have staffing from 10 a.m.- 7p.m. during the week and Saturdays 9 a.m.-noon. We have 24 hour security and every member is given a key card and enters the facility with that and the security system takes a thermal scan of a member’s face so no one else can enter, in other words there is no tailgating. In other emergencies, we have a button to push which immediately alerts us and 911. We can monitor from our homes and we have cameras at key points around the gym. Staff is also AED and CPR certified. Integrated access and security with remote monitoring of surveillance systems provides round-the-clock safety and security. Personal safety devices allow for one-touch access to emergency care.

What else can the gym offer members in helping them achieve their fitness goals?

Julie Rocha: We have half hour and hour long personal training sessions and Alfred is certified in Cross Fit (Alfred adds that this is a workout combining a unique blend of strength conditioning and weight training). We’ll have three free personal training sessions available and for seniors we’ll have the Silver Sneakers. At, members can track their progress and this helps them to reach their goals.

What else does Anytime Fitness offer?

Julie Rocha: Restrooms with showers offer convenience for those who wish to change at the club or freshen up before they leave. We also offer 24/7 tanning.

Anything else you would like to add?

Julie Rocha: This is a facility that cares about each member and their goal. Our staff will know the members names and what is their personal fitness goals. We strive for a great club culture and a positive environment. We believe in fitness and believe with support and accountability our members will feel the same. Each member is investing in their health and wellness and nothing is better than investing in yourself and personal goals. We hope everyone will come and visit our facility and become a member of the Anytime Fitness family. The most important step to a healthier lifestyle are the steps you make as you walk through our doors.

For more information about joining, call Julie Rocha at 804-971-1470 or 434-591-1105 or e-mail at or visit their website at

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