Local etiquette guru adds corporate manners

“As many know, I have recently returned from Atlanta, Georgia, where I became (triple) certified by the American School of Protocol to add business and corporate etiquette to our repertoire of classes and seminars offered,” said Bowles. Bowles is available to businesses- large or small- who want to incorporate business and corporate etiquette into their staff development. She adds she is able to custom-build a seminar to fit the needs of individual companies and schools or universities.

She now boasts a list of classes scheduled for this fall for children, teens, adults, colleges, universities, businesses and corporations. “I hope people will find a class that interests them, their business, or someone in their family.”

She adds, “As the lack of civility in our society becomes more and more apparent, and good manners seem often the exception rather than the rule, it is increasingly more important that we who see the value in them do our best to create an environment where these manners are introduced, reinforced, and practiced. Good manners and proper etiquette, like any new sport or hobby, need to be practiced often before they become second nature and part of who we are,” Bowles said. “Many times children and teens are more open to the social graces and table manners that we, as parents, attempt to teach them when they are given instruction by an adult outside of their home and surrounded by a group of their peers.”

The program Bowles teaches, she said works best when repeated at least once a year by children and teens. “Adults are welcome to take as many classes as they like, too, to brush up on their manners, and have lots of fun. Each class is different, all designed to be enjoyable while educational.”

In addition to teaching these classes, she is able to come to schools, or businesses to design a seminar or class according to the specific needs of the group. This past year along with teaching classes in her home and at Keswick and Glenmore Country Clubs, Bowles spoke at Girl Scout meetings, preschools, businesses, and schools.

“I was honored to be asked by the Jefferson Scholars Foundation at the University of Virginia to present a Dining Etiquette and Business Networking Etiquette class to 30 of their second year students. At the end of the month I will present a three hour seminar, The Etiquette Edge In Business, to 60 employees at Virginia Commonwealth University, and am scheduled to speak at a local church presenting an hour long seminar called Table Talk- The Importance of Fellowship At the Dining Room Table.”
She will also work with home schooled students.

“I have recently been approached by individuals representing three different home school co-ops in our area to add etiquette, social graces, and table manners to their curriculum. Whether they join in a class with others, or have me teach their group privately, I welcome those communities and appreciate their interest.”

Usually manners classes are in Bowles’ home in Fork Union; however, this semester Bowles had a few requests from folks who live in Charlottesville, who wanted their children to attend, and since a couple of the classes fell on a school night Bowles made it easier for her clients and Beth Hyder, the events planner and catering director at Glenmore Country Club, agreed to allow her school to have all of the classes and the graduation formal dinner there.

“This will be a first for us and we are excited as it will allow us to fit more students at the table per class. I like to keep classes small, so we will limit each class to twelve students, in my home, however, we are only able to fit seven students and myself around our dining room table, this location will allow more children to participate,” she said.

“This summer was filled with many fun classes,” said Bowles. “A couple of grandparents decided they would send their grandchildren to etiquette class while they visiting here on summer vacation. What a treat all of them were, and how fortunate these children are to have such wise grandfathers who understand that having manners and knowing table etiquette will serve to give them a leg up in life. These granddads also recognized that having their grandchildren hear and see manners taught by another adult would reinforce and set what they had been telling them all along. Interesting how it works like that, but it’s true.”
“I am enjoying every minute of this out-of-the-box business The support of the entire community and beyond has been encouraging and heartwarming,” adds Bowles.

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