Wardrobe wizard advises others on what to wear

Why did you decide to become a clothing consultant/stylist?

Daly: One of my passions is to have influence and impact on improving the lives of others. I began soul searching on how that could manifest in my life. I asked myself questions like, “What are you good at?” “What do you enjoy?” “What do people compliment you about?” and “What do people come to you advice about?” From these answer’s I realized I could help people with their professional and personal image.

What was it about having a business like this that attracted you?

Daly: As I said I do love all things beautiful, and accessorizing comes naturally and easily to me. It is so gratifying and it gives me great joy to help people feel good and confident about the way they look.

How do you conduct your consultations and reach your clients? Do you speak with customers on the phone or meet in person and is the video another virtual way to help customers online?

Daly: I meet with people face to face if we are within driving distance. I also help people with virtual makeovers with the use of Skype, photographs, phone and email. These are paid for services but I do offer a complimentary video e-course called, “7 Wardrobe Secret’s to Boost Your Confidence and Look Your Best,” at www.YourWardrobeWizard.com/gifts. I regularly post wardrobe fashion tips on my Facebook fan page, blog, and a column I write for the Charlottesville Woman magazine in the Daily Progress.

What are your clients’ needs?

Daly: This is a business I founded to inspire career leaders and job seekers to create their authentic style, so they can stand out from the competition, acquire a new perfect job, or make more money with a wardrobe and image that conveys authority, confidence, and excellence. I also work with relationship seekers, who want to attract the perfect mate and feel growing confidence in choosing clothes that reflect their inner beauty, radiance, and charisma. I help inspire clients to brand their image with a fresh look that creates opportunities professionally and personally.

I am passionate about helping my clients get a bigger vision for what may be possible with their authentic presence, to leave the ordinary and live a life that is extraordinary. My client’s experiences freedom from doubt and gains clarity about the influence their image is creating.

When did you realize that how you dressed made a difference?

Daly: I noticed as soon as I began to make more money. It started when I was in direct sales. We had a professional dress code and were not allowed to wear pants. I noticed that I was being recognized as the authority and my time and energy was getting more respect. My career then moved into real estate. I continued my professional dress code and it again shaped my brand because I projected professional strength and personal power.

Can men also benefit from your wardrobe expertise and do the same rules apply to them as well?

Daly: Yes they do. Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin found that males who have a neat and healthy appearance are often seen as more conscientious.

How does one learn about their personal style?

Daly: Most of fall into one of five different personality styles: Romantic, classic, creative, dramatic, or natural. I take my client’s through a series of questions like “do you wear your shirts tucked in or out?” or “do you buy what catches your eye and avoid planning?” to determine their style personality.

What do you say to people who have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Daly: They are not alone. Most of my client’s closets are jam packed full of clothes and they wear only 20% of what they have and wear the same things over and over. They have all different sizes, clothes that need repair, clothes that have sentimental value, and clothes they haven’t worn in years. The first thing I recommend is to get organized and take an inventory of exactly what you own. Make three piles, one is for clothes that no longer fit or flatter you and are worn out. Donate these. Then make a pile for clothes that need repair or professional tailoring or cleaning. A pile for clothes you want to keep and put these clothes back in the closet and organized by color.

Color is also key in what you do. How do you determine which colors work best for your clients? Do you go by seasons or skin tone, hair and eye color?

Daly: I help people pick out their best colors based on their original hair color before going grey, or dying their hair. Their best colors are also determined by their eye colors and skin tones. I also teach my client’s about the psychology of color and what to wear based on the image they want to project. I have found too many people wear the color black, and black does not look good on everyone.

Do you agree with the idea that people who gravitate toward certain colors and often decorate with them also use them in their wardrobe?

Daly: People do tend to gravitate to the colors that look best on them. Often times you will find the colors they like to wear, are also the colors they like to decorate their home with as well.

Everyone is so busy these days. How does someone get started on the right track? What is the first step?

Daly: I would encourage you to hire a professional or get with a friend to help you get organized. Start with doing a closet audit. Get rid of clothes you no longer wear. This includes accessories such as shoes, scarves, ties, jewelry, and handbags. Get rid of the clutter to discover what’s missing in the image you want to convey to the world. If you would like to have a strategy session to discuss your wardrobe and image goals go to www.yourwardrobewizard.com/strategy-session.

What is your background? Your qualifications?

Daly: I am certified with Fashion Image Institute as an Image Consultant, Lifestyle Designer, and I also a real estate agent, and speaker. I am the president of Your Wardrobe Wizard, a business I created to inspire career leaders and job seekers to create their authentic style, so they can stand out from the competition, acquire a new perfect job with a wardrobe that conveys authority, confidence, and excellence. I also draw from my experience as a Passion Test Facilitator and sales associate with Estee Lauder.

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