Where are the Fluvanna people?

Sunnyside is a large farm in Cumberland County. They tend to be the earliest to have many items with their high tunnels. High tunnels are like a greenhouse but things are planted in the soil.
The next largest farm, Lar-Lyn in Buckingham County also has some high tunnels as well, helping to bring things earlier. In addition they frequently have mushrooms for sale.
Pratley farm- is a small farm in Palmyra we work the ground and pick everything ourselves. Lately, we try to bring a mix of strawberry varieties that are aromatic and sweet but can only be sold fresh. These are not the shipping varieties. We are known for our preserves made from our own fruit.
Buck Island farm from Albermarle County brings their greens and later Jerry focuses on heirloom tomatoes.
Modesto Greenhouses in Scottsville brings a wonderful selection to sample what they have just a few miles down the road, right here in Fluvanna.
Jutta’s Plants and flowers – she has a flare with creating a bouquet from the many flowers in season outside and in her greenhouse, again from Palmyra.
Goin Family Farm- features beef from cattle raised solely on their farm in Buckingham. Fed grass and then corn the cows never leave Sam until they go for processing.
We have previously talked about the crafters and their selection but each week they are bringing something new.
• T-shirts and bags from the Beaded Branch’s Terri Landow.
• Shell and cork hangings from Pam Vick.
• Painted flower pots from Lisa Henry.
• Crocheted and jam creations from Brenda Moore.
And for treats:
• Scott Valentines Kettle Corn from Palmyra.
• Red Rocker candy also from Fluvanna Pet treats from Lydia Doll.
• Chess pies from Roz Goin.
• Gluten free and other changing creations from the Muffin Maam.
With so much to offer, some days, as the sun is shining with a cool and a clear blue sky, I wonder, where are you people of Fluvanna?
We need the sellers but also the shoppers to maintain this special place where you can know who grew it, baked it, made it. And while you’re there, sign up for the free weekly raffle.
The Fluvanna Farmers Market is open every Tuesday rain or shine at Pleasant Grove from 2 to 6 p.m. To receive the email newsletter or for questions about the market contact phyllis@pratleyfarm.com

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