He told that the ongoing gift scandal shows that the governor is unfit to stay on the job.

“When you see these sort of things and you see $50,000 trips to New York City, when you see $70,000 loans, $6,500 Rolexes, I think that crosses the ethical plane,” Kenney told Newsplex.

The governor allegedly accepted those gifts, and others, from family friend Jonnie Williams, the CEO of Star Scientific.  McDonnell claims that he has not broken any reporting laws, and did not give special treatment to Williams or his company.

But Kenney said, “The bar for resignation isn’t legal or illegal. It’s not even ethical versus unethical. It’s right or wrong.”

“There’s a lot of folks that are still in shock,” said Kenney, a former strong supporter of McDonnell. “But when the smoke clears and you start looking at it for what it is, it’s just not good. We should expect better of our public officials, regardless of their political party. I’m certain that there are other Republicans who feel this way,” he told Newsplex.

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