Library helpers

When Columbia and Cunningham Elementary schools closed last spring, due to budget cuts, the two schools merged into the third school – Central Elementary.  The librarians packed up all the library materials (with volunteer help) – books, video and audio material, electronics like tape recorders, computers, CDs.

In July, it was all moved into the existing library at Central. We reached out to the community for help, putting up posters, posting on Facebook, calling friends who sent emails. People began showing up on Monday (July 29) to help shelve the books into the existing library.

Helpers ranged from high school students to retirees.  They worked anywhere from one hour to several days and by Friday it was done! Nancy King and Jane Newschwander want to thank all those who helped – we couldn’t have done it without you!

The volunteers included: Maggie Walton,Will Walton,Nancy Aasen,Maria Graff,Lin White,Celie McGurk,Bill Soule,Pat Soule,Jan Rothwell,Michelle Jasper,Jessica Baez,Tammy Johnston,LeShonika Harris,Brittany Wormth,Courtney Smith,Marylee Fary,Katie Settle,Jim Utterback,Peggy Utterback,Maggie Walton,Will Walton,Tiffany Whyte,Kristin Schwartz,Jessica Farmer,Ellie Farmer,Molli Fitzgerald,Kathy Brent,Sara Toney, Katherine Madison,Hannah Corbin,Rinne Brown,Meadow Parrish,Chris Sweeters,Ron Krauss,MaryJo Shay and Joan Sola. Contributed by Nancy King

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