High school reunions – The three biggest High school reunions – The three biggest mistakes when deciding what to wearmistakes when deciding what to wear

Mistake #1: Waiting until the last minute to decide what to wear. This mistake will kick your confidence in the teeth. Waiting too long often makes us settle for less because of lack of time.
What to do instead: As soon as you receive the invitation go to your closet and take a wardrobe and accessory inventory. You may have the perfect outfit hanging in your closet, but your suit or dress may need to be cleaned, altered or repaired. Take care of those issues now. If you delay getting this done you may end up buying something in a rush and not being totally satisfied with your choice. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will feel.
Mistake #2: Wearing the wrong size. If your suit, dress, or shoes are too big or too small it will add stress and limit your fun. It’s no secret most of us have gained weight since high school, but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your awesome touch. This is no time to squeeze into something smaller than you should. Fussing with a hem line that is too short or constantly pulling up your pants because they’re too big is distracting. It appears you lack confidence and maturity.
What to do instead: Regardless of the number size on the garment tag, wear something that fits. Dressing for your body type will do wonders for your appearance. V-neck tops are flattering for all body types. If you want to appear thinner, then wear darker colors or monochromatic fashions. Be aware that wearing sequins adds shine and can also add width. A safe bet is to wear sequins or sparkle near the face.
Mistake #3: Dressing inappropriately for your age. When you walk into a room wearing too many trendy items at the same time they say “hello” before you do.
What to do instead: Think about first impressions and the message you want to communicate. Here is a perfect example of when less is more. Knowing your personality style is helpful when deciding what to wear. Dress the best for your authentic self. Keep jewelry simple and wear the good stuff. I love to see men wear statement watches. When you’re finished getting ready, take one more thing off. (usually an accessory.)
Avoiding these three mistakes will give your appearance an advantage, boost your confidence, and allow you to have a successful and fun time. I encourage you to make an effort to look your best on this special occasion. You never know how far a connection will go.
Annette Daly –Your Wardrobe Wizard, is a Fluvanna County image consultant, speaker, and columnist specializing in teaching influential women fashion and wardrobe skills that convey confidence and authentic style.

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