School Board


The Board unanimously approved adopting a MySchoolBucks electronic account in which parents can deposit money for students to buy meals and other food items.

The program also allows parents to track how their child uses the money. The cost of the system is borne by users in the form of transaction fees, reported Ed Breslauer, director of finance.

Voluntary contributions to the schools totaled $900. That money will be deposited into the general fund.

Regarding the budget, Breslauer said Governor Bob McDonnell presented his budget Dec. 16. A Caboose bill that potentially will affect state funding calculates the average daily school attendance dropping by 74.65 which will potentially drop funding by $411,965, he said.

That won’t be known exactly until March 31.

McDonnell’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2015/2016 lowers Fluvanna’s ADM in 2015 by 110.10 pupils, however, McDonnell proposes increasing funding that would mean $780,289 more to Fluvanna, Breslauer said.

The changes are in the SOQ (Standards of Quality) which require local match and those funds aren’t discretionary, he said.

“The required local share increases by $262,626,” Breslauer reported. “The proposed budget needs to go through both the Senate and the House of Delegates, both are required to complete their budget work by the end of February. The incoming governor will also impact the FY 2015 budget, though at this time it is not clear what the new administration will do.

Superintendent Gena Keller said the MUNIS software contract is still being negotiated but the Board of Supervisors approved $20,000 for the schools to use for travel expenses connected to training in the new software.

Chuck Winkler reported four water problems – three at the high school and one in the Abrams Building at the middle school.

Winkler said three water pipes burst, apparently due to the cold temperatures at the high school. Three pipes were on exterior walls, two near stairwells. Damage and cost to repair is minimal, Winkler said. Repairs will be done in-house and consist of fixing the pipe and replacing a few tiles.

The valve on a 50,000-gallon water storage tank at the Abrams building began leaking, Winkler said. The major cost will be in draining and refilling the tank and replacing the valve. Again, the work will be done by the maintenance crews and should be completed by Saturday, Jan. 11.

Director of Student Services Frank Leech provided the Board with a School Safety Report.

All schools have conducted state required safety drills, he said and all staff members were trained for crisis management by the administration and the sheriff’s department, Leech said.

School Crisis and Safety meetings were held twice in the fall.

All staff is required to wear a school I.D.

Camera systems were evaluated and upgrades are being priced. All schools will have door systems similar to that at the high school where visitors are funneled through the main office.

The crisis intervention team meets monthly with the Sheriff’s Department.

Parking lot lighting and doors were fixed.

All crisis manuals have been reviewed and updated.

Those recognized at the meeting were :

Staff members:

Karen Purnell

Debbie Beyer

Carol O’Dell

Beverly Profitt

Maria Gallardo

Sharon Leech

Michelle Rafaly

Katrina Baskfield

Justin Stauffer

Paul Chirco

Patricia Shuman

Melissa Tanner

Stephen Verbos

Melissa Powell

Breanne Allen

Marjorie Chester

Melanie Kennedy

Robert Bower

Melissa Richardson

Daniel Sheppard

Janet Hunter

Gregory Smiecuich

Mary Bright


Joyce Hudgins

Harriett Parrish

Sharyon Whitlow

Fall Sport Recognition


Maddy Kline

Emily Haden

Kate Stutz

Leslie Walters

Coach of the Year

Christie Harlow

Girls Cross Country

Nicki Douma

Devon Burger

Peyton Olinger

Brooke Haislip

Bridget Bossong

Annaliese Estes

Elle Smialek

Erin Blackburn

Helen Wood

Eva McGehee

Boys Cross Country

Travis Moe


Goddience Flanagan

Jesse Lockits

Deiondre Key

Jesse Vandyke

Marcus Jackson

Josh Wheaton

Community Members:

Clara White – Donation of school supplies

Rex Legg – Car wash fundraiser for middle school

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