The mission statement reads, “Fluvanna County is committed to providing an excellent quality of life for our citizens and businesses through the delivery of competitive public services and programs in an efficient and effective manner.”

The vision statement says, “Fluvanna County…The heart of central Virginia and your gateway to the future.”  It contains a tagline: “A great place to live, learn, work, and play.”

Before the retreat Chandler sent to each supervisor a survey containing questions such as why the Board exists, its three problems and three accomplishments, and where supervisors want to see it in 2015 and 2017.  Then during the retreat he led the Board through the compiled responses, recording themes as they emerged.  Afterward he distilled all the information into a workable action plan.

Now the Board has released to the public a detailed 2014-2015 strategic direction and action agenda.  Four strategic initiatives appear in the plan, each with several action steps attached.  The action steps contain amendable dates so that supervisors can stay on schedule in implementing their vision.

The first strategic initiative is titled “Foster economic well-being.”  It goes on to read, “Capitalize on Fluvanna County’s location, heritage, healthy mix of assets, and natural resources to grow, diversify and strengthen the economic well-being of county citizens and businesses.”

The second strategic initiative says “Practice good governance.”  It continues, “Good governance means focusing on the county’s mission, performing defined roles and government functions effectively and being accountable to the citizens of Fluvanna County.”

The third strategic initiative is titled “Strengthen community partnerships.”  It goes on to read, “To be effective, the Fluvanna County BOS must have a positive and interactive relationship with county residents and must be committed to assisting residents gain a greater understanding of their county government.”

Lastly, the fourth strategic initiative says “Fund the future.”  It continues, “To make the future happen in Fluvanna County will require a commitment to identifying and utilizing the range of county revenue options authorized by the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Each initiative contains four or five action steps that supervisors intend to implement in 2014 or 2015.  To view the new mission, vision, and strategic direction and action agenda, visit:

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