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Washington added that some teachers have computers that cannot even make it through one class period without failing, and emphasized that a reasonable replacement cycle for those computers was necessary.


Director of Technology Josh Gifford explained that computers need to be replaced on a rotational basis – approximately every five years – and added that some computers, for instance the ones used in the technology lab, are more expensive than others.

He said that state testing guidelines determine what kinds of computers the schools need to use; for instance, while it might be cost-effective to move towards tablets for the students, the state forbids testing on tablets; so the school would still need to have traditional computers available for testing.

Gena Keller, the school superintendent,  “It is a visible commitment to the community that these are the tools that we need to operate even at a basic level….this is a different world and having those tools is very, very important.”  Keller added that keeping up with technology in the schools was imperative in order for the schools to “keep growing and building and really to become a bit more relevant.”

In another matter, Kelllie O’Connor of Palmyra spoke to the board and expressed her concerns about student transportation problems. “I wanted to make you all aware of some transportation issues that have arisen.  Many of my friends and neighbors have children from Central; the buses have not been getting those children home until 5:30 p.m.  These are kindergarteners who are not getting home on time.  Parents have tried to call the transportation office, and no one has been answering the phone.   My heart is breaking for the kids – their day is longer than an average workday.  I know it is the third day of school, I know that they are working it out – but these are little guys that are on this bus, and parents are frustrated.”

Keller said things will improve.  “With each passing day, we expect the routes to be more timely as our new drivers get used to their routes, are better able to determine a more exact head count of the children at each bus stop.”  She encouraged parents with concerns to contact the transportation department and encouraged them to call their child’s school or the central office if they cannot reach someone in transportation.

Keller added, “The reality is this – we have approximately 65 bus routes and, in a county of approximately 300 square miles, with over 3,400 students riding our buses, we could use 75 or more buses and more drivers.  We don’t have 75 buses.


We will continue to request buses…and have appreciated the funding we have received thus far.”

In Other News:

-Keller informed the board of donations made to both the new cosmetology program and to the new carpentry program by local business Salon DeShano and the local Elks Lodge.

-Finance Director Ed Breslauer informed the board that county schools finished fiscal year2014 with $162,130.21 in total funds.  Washington said “I want to commend you for working with your staff and watching the funds that were there, and for updating the board as much as you did.”









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