Karina Mamatova

What do you miss the most about your home country?
Food, I miss my mom’s food. I tried to cook my food here, some of it I can, some I can’t.
How is school different in your home country? Is it easier or harder?
I think it’s easier, because you can choose your subjects, [in Kyrgyzstan] you don’t choose, everything is required. There are lots here, I got to choose fun subjects. And we study six days a week, not five.
What extracurricular things do you do in Kyrgyzstan?
Here you have more possibilities like doing sports and in my country it’s not so popular. Most of it I was really into English, I love languages so I’m taking languages in my country.
What are your plans for the future?
[When I get back] I’m going to get my diploma. Then I’m going to go to University.
What are you going to study at University?
I was thinking about being a translator. I already have experience in English so it’s going to be a plus when I go to University.

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