Stephanie Jamison

Describe one of the biggest surprises of your life.
That I was able to excel in track in high school. I was able to compete on many levels, ran a sub-six mile [a mile in less than six minutes], and placed in the district meet on a relay team. I have many great memories of this time in my life.
Describe one of the tragedies/struggles of your life.
Just this past summer I lost my mother to cancer. Growing up my family was always very close. It was me, my twin sister, and our parents. I probably talked to my mom five times a day, every day. It’s been a struggle not being able to pick up the phone and ask her a question, share what the kids are doing, or talk about my day.
Describe a dream you have for your future.
I want to see my children succeed. Whatever they may choose in life, my dream is to see them excel at it and to support their efforts.
Describe a fear you have for your future.
Cancer seems to run in my mom’s family and that scares me!
Here’s your chance to sound off. If you could give one public service announcement or word of advice to the public at large, what would it be?
I’m not naturally very good at this, but after losing my mother this past summer I have learned to let things go and to put my energy into what really matters. My house stayed messy, we ate out a lot, and we didn’t do a lot of things over the summer. Instead my kids and I spent a lot of time sitting with my mom when she couldn’t be by herself. I’m grateful that I let all the “to dos” go and spent time investing in her. It’s something I will always cherish.

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