Marguerite David

What else can you tell us about options counseling?
As a JABA options counselor, I meet with individuals and/or their families to educate them about specific resources available in Fluvanna County and in our Planning District 10. The shared goal of the options counseling process is to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining optimum functioning in the least restrictive environment while respecting the individual’s right to self-determination.
This is done by speaking with the individual and/or caregiver to determine their specific goals. Then we develop an action plan specifically tailored to the individual. As a JABA options counselor, I then assist the individual in implementing his or her action plan. We adjust the action plan to meet changing needs.
What do you find to be most rewarding about being an options counselor?
I enjoy helping people be able to age in place by remaining in their homes in the community. I also see firsthand how the services provided through options counseling help people maintain their health and quality of life.
How do people contact you to find out more?
I can be reached at 434-996-7516 or

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