Finance Director Eric Dahl told the Board of Supervisors he recommended cutting $605,000 from the FY16 capital improvements plan (CIP).  In February supervisors had defunded $100,000 for an outdated ambulance rechassis request.  But Dahl suggested cutting $505,000 more.

Dahl recommended pushing $405,000 worth of CIP projects into FY17 by delaying the funding of a $150,000 restroom at Pleasant Grove, a $35,000 Pleasant Grove picnic shelter, a new $175,000 ambulance for Fluvanna County, and a $45,000 system to provide drinkable water to the library and sheriff’s office.

Dahl suggested entirely defunding a $100,000 FY16 wedge for county vehicle replacement because the FY17 CIP already contains funds for that purpose.

The county will probably take over operation of the school system’s two wastewater treatment plants at the high school and at Carysbrook Elementary, Dahl said, because the county is better equipped to handle such maintenance.  This switchover will result in a decrease of $40,000 to the school system’s appropriation.  The funds will instead go to the county’s facilities budget.  “The schools are fully aware of this $40,000 figure,” Dahl said of the budget adjustment.


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