County picnic

People milled around, chatting and meeting each other’s family members, then settled down in long rows of picnic tables to eat fish, chicken, and all the fixings.

Thanking the staff for their hard work throughout the year, County Administrator Steve Nichols said, “Day after day when I’m in the community, I hear good comments on your behalf, about the great service and good things that you do.  It’s really noticed… The thanks isn’t enough, the pay isn’t enough, and a once-a-year nice dinner outside isn’t enough either, but we really do appreciate what you do every day.  You make a positive difference in our citizens’ lives.”

Supervisor Don Weaver spoke about the progress Fluvanna has made.  “When I came there the sheriff’s office was actually almost a dungeon… Even when you had to go to the bathroom someone had to guard the door.  So it was pretty hard times,” he joked.  Though he noted the new sheriff’s office, library, and high school make Fluvanna residents proud, he said, “It’s not these buildings that make it, it’s you the people who make this whole system.  And I’m proud to be a part of all that.”

“Just take a few minutes and reflect on all the things that you have done for the 25,000 citizens in this county,” said Supervisor Mozell Booker.  “Just think about all the grass you’ve cut, all the paperwork.  Some of you take your work home.  You do a tremendous amount of work for the citizens and we know that many of you do the job of several people.  And you don’t complain… I just want to say thank you.  And I want you to know that I appreciate everything that you do.”

Gail Parrish, human resources manager, said, “I think it’s absolutely wonderful that the county does this kind of thing.  We’re so spread out [throughout the county], but this kind of thing helps bring us together.”

“It was fun,” said Wayne Stephens, director of public works.  “I’m glad to see employees recognized for their hard work and the amount of time they spend working for the citizens of the county.”

Nichols recognized and gave gifts to employees who had passed certain lengths of time in service to the county.  They were:

Sean Brennan, communications officer (5 years)

Karen Hebert, family services supervisor (5 years)

Shelley Henley, benefits program supervisor (5 years)

Betty Scholl, senior program support assistant (5 years)

Steve Tugwell, senior planner (5 years)

Roger Black, erosion and sediment site inspector (10 years)

Richard Morrison, deputy sheriff (10 years)

Malinda Payne, administrative program specialist (10 years)

Cathy Allen, deputy clerk (15 years)

Darius Lester, building official (25 years)

Carol Owen, library clerk (25 years)

Nathan Payne, maintenance technician (30 years)

Nichols also took a moment to recognize B. E. Peterson, clerk of the circuit court, who is retiring at the end of this year after 26 years of service.  “The way he’s led his office has led to an incredible amount of great service for the people in Fluvanna County,” he said, “and for many from outside counties, because they flock to our clerk’s office to get passports and other information done.”

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