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“Each of you is aware that I’ve had some medical problems arise in last few weeks that were and are alarming to me and my family,” the memo read.  “At the strong direction of my doctor I will be working over the next few months to restore my health to what he believes are acceptable levels for a man of my age and commitments.  I expect to miss a few meetings of the Board over the next couple months, and hope to be back to good health by early March 2016.  I of course will keep Mr. Nichols and the Board aware of my progress, and if possible will be back at the Board table at an earlier date if my doctor and my family agree that my health has returned to normal.”

After the announcement, Chairperson Mozell Booker said, “Our thoughts and our prayers definitely go out to John Michael Sheridan and his family, and we hope for him a speedy recovery.  We will certainly think of him every time we sit around the table, and I hope that he will be back with us very soon.”

Sheridan’s leave of absence changes the dynamics of the Board.  With five supervisors, tied votes occurred only rarely, when supervisors were absent or abstained from a vote.  Until Sheridan’s return only four supervisors will vote, which greatly increases the possibility of ties.  Motions that receive a 2-2 vote fail.

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