Rather than staking a position on a tax rate, Mike Lawson used his comments to encourage the county to make sure it is making note of new home improvements so that it can capture missing revenue. Lawson said that a significant number of county homes are undervalued, which results in the county charging lower taxes than the homeowner ought to pay.

The advertised real property tax rate is 94 cents per $100 valuation. Personal property tax will likely hold steady at $4.35 per $100 valuation, while machinery and tools tax will likely stay the same at $2 per $100 valuation. The advertised FY17 operating budget, which is based on a 94-cent rate, is $78,915,765. The advertised FY17 CIP total is $9,850,841.

Supervisors Mozell Booker and Tony O’Brien have publicly supported a 93 cent tax rate, while Supervisor Trish Eager has pushed for the tax rate to hold steady at 89.9 cents. While Supervisor Don Weaver hasn’t attached himself to a number, he has consistently supported lower taxes. Chairman Mike Sheridan hasn’t indicated how he will vote on the tax rate.

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