Students reflect on new year

Ian Hoffman
I am proud of winning the soccer championship in 2016. I am going to leave behind footbal because I want to try new things. I am going to try to start a new sport. In 2017 I want to accomplish winning the basketball championship for my rec team in 2017. I am looking forward to trying new thing in 2017. And in 2017 I want to get better at science and accomplish the odds of being better at anything. I can not wait until 2017 because it is the beginning of a new year and every thing you did in the past is left behind. The reason I want to set goals in 2017 is because I want to accomplish bigger and better things. The other reason in set goals is because my future I want to be able to go to UVA so I need really good grades and i want to be a pro soccer player so I try different things so I can be more athletic all around so if pro soccer does not work I can try another sport. I am very proud of my soccer championship because it took my team a rough journey and a hard journey to do so. Then we finally won that championship and we celebrated and celebrated because we just won.

Sierra Wood
I am most proud of being good in school and having good grades. I would like to leave behind some of my bad friendships that happened. I like all of my teachers they are the best. In 2017 I am looking forward to going to kings domionion and riding my first roller coaster with my mom and riding a water ride with my mom dad and nana and sofia I hope it happens. I would like to accomplish having lots of fun with my friends and never getting mad at them. For 2017 I am setting a goal for myself to get on a good winter cheer squad with my friend. Good bye 2016.

Abby White
My favorite thing this year was going to school and making new friends seeing old friends. My worst thing this year was when I got stitches I cut my toe in the pool on a rock and when I got out I got blood all over the place it was bad and on the way to the hospital emma facetimed me and when I got to the hospital the nurse said I needed stitches it was time for stitches the worst thing was the numbing shot I got nine of them it hurt really bad. The things I’m looking ford to in 2017 is making new friends. I am also excited for going to the beach with Clai and Emma. And that is what I’m looking ford to in the new year!

Rebekah Kraft
I’m pretty excited for 2017 to come. I want to have new accomplishments and new goals. I am most proud of accomplishing soccer this year. My first year on the travel team for 10 year old girls. Some things I would love to leave behind. Like all of the horrible test grades I got. But most of my test grades were good. Some things I love to think back on. Most of them are really funny. Like during the summer we go to Myrtle beach for a week with our cousins. On the last night we stayed up all night and we had so much fun watching TV and playing games. But shhh that’s a secret. I like the times we spend with my cousins because we have so much fun together.

In 2017 I’m looking forward for summer because it is so cold right now and I want to start a new year because 2016 was a crazy one. In 2017 I want to make the travel team again for soccer. The thing I want to accomplish in 2017 is getting better at playing the trombone since I take middle school band. And I want to get better at soccer so I can keep going on in my life with soccer. And maybe be in the olympics one day. I hope! That was some of my wishes for 2017.

Ivan Becerra
This year things I have accomplished: Getting a silver medal on pommel doing a Round-off, back handspring, Pullover etc. For next year I would like to leave all the bad thoughts inside my head. Next year I’m looking forward to getting a backflip on ground. I would like to accomplish many things like getting honor roll every year get good grades I will go over and beyond. Other things I would like to accomplish: Backflip before school ends, double backflip, Standing frontflip on ground, when I get older I would like to achieve the Olympics.

Meredith Sisson
Something I’ve accomplished? I gotten better at my reading skills I’ve also started reading a lot of pages. What I want to accomplish in 2017? I would like to work harder on my writing and punctuation! Something I’ve accomplished in 2016? Is learning more and less talking. Something I want to leave behind all the bad grades I gotten and good grades now. Something I’m proud of is my grades I’m happy I’m on honor roll!   

Brenna Rea
My year has been crazy. Here some things that have happened this year. My birthday is january second. I have one best friend that I have known my whole life her names Madison k. Every year we go camping Together but this year only twice. The sports i do: karate at LM karate academy. I also swim for the swim team, I play softball and basketball.

Here is my Thoughts about 2017. I’m excited I get to go camping with my friends, play with my puppy Jordan, and hang out with my new cousin Layloni. My friends are great and nice there kind don’t cause trouble. My goal for 2016: do 2,000 pushups. I did it. My goal for 2017: Eat healthy.

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